The Nipple Piercing

My best friend and this hot ass, cute as hell, twenty-something Colombian she was seeing at the time and me, wandered into a tattoo parlor after a Saturday afternoon filled with chips and salsa and cheap tequila shots at some Mexican joint on the lower Eastside.  My friend and I had been talking about adding a new body adornment for months, so on this day, we decided, all three of us, to get nipple piercings.

The piercer was this dark haired, groovy looking ex-hippie chick with thick rimmed, black eye glasses and this long, prominent nose that seemed to have started at her forehead, occupying almost half of her face.  For some reason, it was probably the tequila that had me locked in some semi-psychotic state, because to me, she radiated this Shaman like energy.  It gave me some false sense of comfort knowing that she was about to rip a tiny hole into my aureole.

I was first.  Because I wanted to be.  With my bestfriend and her lover in the room, my naked breasts in full exposure to all, a clamp extended my left erect nipple enabling the target.  The piercer took a marker, poking a red dot along both sides of my small but decent sized nipple.

“Okay.”  she announced.  “At the sound of three.”

Now I was looking forward to this.  This wasn’t like a clit piercing, where I hear, that if the piercer nailed your nerve, that you were done for.  Your ability to achieve a true clitoral orgasm was gone forever.  That was the risk of a clitoral piercing.  You understood this.  But this was also part of the thrill.  However, if the piercer was able to get in that certain spot, in between some very powerful and dominant nerves, your future would be enriched with more orgasms than your ass, your entire body and your mind could stand.  This wasn’t exactly the case with a nipple piercing, however, if anything were to come into contact with this part of your pierced mammary, chances were pretty good, that your nipples and breasts would be infinitely aroused.  Not to mention the point of contact of the needle stretching thru your skin was suppose to be euphorically phenomenal.

“Are you ready?”  my friend asked, the excitement was a little contagious.

“I think so.”  I announced.  I’m no stranger to pain.  I made the connection between sex and pain at the age of 16 when another friend of mine, Brenda and I snuck into a sex shop on Christopher street and procured a pair of nipple clamps in red rubber with the screw attachments and everything.  We proceeded to try them out underneath our tops, one nipple per girl, in some avant garde indie film house.  We giggled like the school girls we were, each time one of us took turns wiggling and tugging the chain that connected us and the clamps sending these amazing sensual messages back and forth between each other, our nips and our clits.  Those were the days.   We thought we were super cool back then.

When the piercer counted one, the needle penetrated my body abruptly, feeling not like a needle at all but like something much more thicker.  The sharp pain ripped through my body reverberating like a sound wave, repeating itself like the after shocks of an earthquake.  But only far more deliciously orgasmic.  The sensation felt crushing, oppressive, titillating, magical.  I felt the surge of adrenaline rush through me, this gorgeous lightning bolt of pain slicing through me.  It was the most divine pain ever.   And then it was over.

“It’s so beautiful.”  Twenty-something Colombian was fixated on my breast.  Just the fact of her looking at it made it tingle.  One look in the mirror, and I understood her fascination.  The thick, silver nipple ring that pierced my very happy, coffee-colored but slightly flushed with blood underneath the surface breast was a thing of beauty to behold.

“What happened to that count of three?”  I asked the piercer as I got dressed.

“Ah, that would have taken all the fun out of it.”  She laughed, taking a long inhale from her Indonesian cigarette, readying my best friend for a similar, sexy  fate.


1 Response to “The Nipple Piercing”

  1. January 17, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Wow! I would never have imagined…

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