My Choices for Grammy HOTNESS

The softer gender ruled the 2010 Grammys and the Ladies were flaunting their deliciousness everywhere.  So my preferences are predictable, yes, I know.  It wasn’t like the ‘paps’ were aiming for some of the more vintage of the lot.  But that’s okay.  Next year I promise to be more exhaustive in my search for the ‘hotness.’

Miss Rihanna: Who could deny her creamy fierceness?

Ciara:  Some folks were going in hard on her bold Goth/BDSM inspired choice.  Shucks, it made me LOVE  her and the outfit even more ;).  I’d hit that/hurt that (with only love.)  Got a safe word, C?

Pink’s gown symbolized raw elegance to me.  And her aerial performance/strip tease was appropriately over-the-top, making everybody wet.  She gives ultra-toned/semi-muscular tatted-up chicks body’s a sexy spin.  Can you even imagine going a couple of rounds with this one?  (sigh….)  I can.


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