Soft, feminine bodies still trembling. gently, our bodies merged so tightly, there was no means in which to separate.  Every curve, dip, angle, opening, fit tightly, securely, nicely.  Our body heat, cohesive, our fusion generating, silky, sweaty sliding skin, sliding bodies, moist, wet/whet everywhere.

I’m never spent when it is this good.  This good.  You know the sensation when you don’t want it to stop, you don’t ever want it to end.  That thing, that thing, the kissing, the sucking, the sexing, the loving, the fucking, the loving, the licking, the fucking, the fingering, the fucking, the loving.  I suddenly felt myself sinking into a sweet, sexy sorrow anticipating that she was going to take those lips, that mouth, that tongue, those teeth, fingers, clit, herself, her whole self, away from me.  I was hypnotized by the scent of her and me all buried in my nostrils so strong that I could taste it all over and over again.  My mouth, my fingertips, my breasts, my thighs and I would be tasting it, tasting us, for a long time. I was pushing back the notion of being insatiable.  There was no such thing.  Everyone can be sated.  By someone.  The right one.

Afterwards, there is always a massage.  It’s extra.  her warm, soft hands confidently cradling my bottom felt so secure, so safe, so tight, so right.  And I rested inside that moment, all fiery, expectant, almost desperate, a hunger so defiant I was embarrassed by it.  But she wasn’t.  because those hands started to knead/need me first gently, then purposely, as if kneading a mound of honey-brown, organic whole wheat dough. Her kneading became more steady, and repetitious, developing a rhythm that became more firm and rougher the longer she did it.  My ass was getting hotter and hotter, feeling inside out, outside in.  I stifled a moan which caused her to immediately slide me on to my stomach, continuing with the rubbing and squeezing of my ass so angry it not only made my clit flush stiff with blood but it sparked a fire in my ass I didn’t recognize.  Her massage began to focus on the love knot right in between my cheeks, her thumbs slowly and methodically rubbing just around the entrance in small, tiny circles.  There was no way I could hide my desire, I wanted her to rip me.  my hips had a mind of their own.  They started moving toward her, with her, bumping, grinding, rotating, winding.  Her fingers then gripped the front of my thighs as she raised me up to meet her.  And when I felt the warm, moist, soft, slither of the tip of her tongue, right there, right there, it was over.  I wanted everything she had, everything she knew, everything she could think of, right there in that single, solitary spot.  first she started swirling her tongue around it, teasing it, dancing on it, poking it.  Then I knew she was liking what she was tasting, as her tongue slithered, lingered, longer and longer, teasing less and tasting, licking and sucking more, sinking her tongue in deeper and deeper and deeper.  I was feeling so damn dizzy, that shit was feeling so damn good it made me spread my cheeks even wider as I shimmied and shook, riding her luscious lips, riding that beautiful, luscious mouth, crying out like I was loosing my motherfucking mind.

“you like that?  you really like that, you nasty, little bitch.”  what did she just call me?  I smiled to myself, thinking, she got me.  I’m going to let her have that.  when I felt the steady stream of warm baby oil making tiny designs all over my ass, ultimately settling in the deep divide, dripping inside down inside soaking my pussy, I knew.   yes.  i was her bitch that night.  And I was more than ready for what was to cum.


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  1. 1 shespirit
    February 11, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    LOVE IT…
    uh uh uh….

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