Crush of the Week: AMBER ROSE

One afternoon I’m going into my building and I just so happened to look over my shoulder when I see this black SUV behind me waiting for the light to change.  In the back passenger seat, I noticed these long, silvery manicured fingers squeezing a cigarette from the open window.  Then came the silvery dome.  I’m obviously a celebrity watcher but I rarely say anything to them when I see them but this time, I couldn’t help myself.  So I say, “What’s up Amber,” and she leans out of the window, looks at me, smiles and says “Hey!”   So, since Amber Rose, famous for being Kanye’s beard, was my most recent celebrity sighting, she is going to be my Crush of the Week.  Why?  Because she’s got ridiculous SWAGGER.  And I love it when a chick rocks swag the way Amber does it.  I mean, she ROCKS it.


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