Friday Fine and Fabulous @ Forty Club: Queen Latifah

That’s right!  All Hail the Queen, Y’all,



She is so relevant right now.  I know many of you might have seen the posters even the trailers promoting her new film “Just Wright,” with Common coming out this May.  So, what do you think?  The only thing not weird about the photo is the basketball.

I wish I can start by saying, let’s not get into a debate about the Queen outing herself.  More on that later as, because as you might imagine, this is one of the biggest reasons the Passions is chatting about her this morning.

She has arguably navigated one of the most successful careers in Hollywood – that we can honestly relate to as women of color.  From Hip-Hop to Jazz – from Film to Commercial actress, Dana Owens has created an enviable and unstoppable trajectory.  She is fierce beyond words, and frankly, I’m proud of this sister.

Born and raised in Newark in 1970 (Welcome to the 4-0 Queen) this Grammy Award winning, Oscar nominated artist has taken no prisoners.  Beginning with beatboxing with rap group Ladies Fresh, she caught the eye of Fab Five Freddy who at the time was doing Yo MTV raps.  Signed to Tommy Boy Records, she released her first album “All Hail the Queen,” in 1989.  Like, how can anyone forget ooh, Ladies first, Ladies first?  The video?  The lyrics?  Come on, this was taking girl power to a whole nother level if you know what I mean.

From there Queen released a few more albums but the acting bug bit her.  From 1993-1998 she starred in Living Single – in my opinion, enabling a few black actresses and actors to get a decent acting role.  Moving on to film in House Party 2 and Jungle Fever lead her to everyone’s favorite Latifah role, playing Cleo, a lesbian role in “Set it Off.”


 “Set it Off ,” gave Latifah critical acclaim and the roles just started rolling in, from playing opposite Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington in the “Bone Collector,” to “Chicago,” “Bringing the Down the House,” “Barbershop,” and the list goes on.  Becoming a spokeswoman for Covergirl became a gig of a lifetime for her and you can hear her voice overs touting Pizza Hut.

Queen is big on keeping her personal life to herself although she is quite vocal with respect to the accidental death of her brother Lancelot.  His passing devastated Dana and in a couple of tv biographies of her life, she speaks of the loss of her brother quite passionately.

Regarding her love life?  Listen, I respect the Queen’s decision to keep her own passions on the lee-low.  At least she is  not running around with some dude on her arm declaring him as her fiance.  But, when photos like this one pops out, it’s a little hard to deny one’s association to the sisterhood.





And the rumors mills have been cooking the story about Latifah’s 2007 proposal to her personal trainer Jeannette Jenkins for about a minute now. 

They make a lovely couple, don’t they?  And in this climate of celebrity outings, there has been a lot of rumbling that the Queen has been strategizing her coming out too.  According to my sources, just before the release of “Just Wright,” Latifah is scheduled to do a round of interviews to promote the film and – YES – officially “come out.”  Whether this is true or not, we will see.  If it is true, you can say you heard it here first, Ladies.  We certainly hope she does plan to represent.  In the meantime, here are some lovely photos of our Queen.


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