Famous Friday: Queen Latifah comes OUT again????

Good Morning My Lovely Ladies,

Come on Everybody, hum it with me everybody…”ooh, Ladies First, Ladies First.”

If you haven’t seen these pics already, of course you know the Passions would have them right here.

So, as I’ve told you, the Queen was holding court front and center at Alicia Keys wedding festivities off the Amalfi coast.  We all know what’s really real with that wedding but when these pics surfaced on the web, we wondered if the nuptials and the overturning of Prop 8 had anything to do with Latifah REALLY cuddling up close and personal-like smooching with her boo in full view of somebody’s camera.  Now if this ain’t a coming out party I don’t know what is.  You gotta wonder what Latifah and Keys are key-keying about as they luxuriate lesbianonically as they take in the breathtaking Mediterranean.  Oooh to be the fly on the wall on that yacht.

Must be nice being them.  :).  Come on out girls!  The weather keeps getting better and better ;). 

1 Response to “Famous Friday: Queen Latifah comes OUT again????”

  1. 1 shespirit
    August 23, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    now how did miss THIS??

    sing it..
    “come on now les bihonest’…

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