Happy Hump Day: Rocking Scarlett

Good Morning Sexy Ones,

The Passions loves vacations, in fact, she never wants them to end.  Imagine life as one big old vacation?

Anyways, as I was coming in from the beach yesterday afternoon, nephew in hand, we were met by a very tanned, very middle-aged, very bare-breasted, very ‘aggressive’ woman.  She struck up a conversation with us – which seemed innocent enough until the end of the conversation.   After asking me the nature of my relationship with little boy, she then proceeded to ask me “where was MY girlfriend.”  When I pointed in the direction of the house, before I could open my mouth, she raised her hand and responded by saying, “uh…nevermind.  No disrespect.”  I eyed her as if to say, none taken as I headed home.  At my back she added, “we’re right here, just in case.”   Oh really?  Imagine that!  I was being cruised with child in hand by a half-naked woman.  I wasn’t flattered so much as I was somewhat surprised. I couldn’t help but think, had I been a straight man, where in the world would this scenario have been possible?  Oh – to be gay in the U.S.A. in 2010.


Anyway, we are fast approaching the end of summer days and nights.  And I don’t know about you, but I still want this hot ass summer to continue to ROCK ON.  That’s why I chose Scarlett, with her thigh-highs, her hot ass and her guitar. Let the hump go on.


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