Do You Remember? Wendy & Lisa

Happy Weekend People,

The Passions is starting a new Post called:  Do You Remember? I’ll post photo blasts from the past of famous (and not so famous) personalities with their most current images.

I’m a Prince fan.  I grew up with him!  And I know I’m gonna date myself but I don’t care.  Anyway, I knew I liked girls a LONG time ago – back when experimentation and “curiosity about one’s sexuality” was SO not cool.  And like lot’s of kids/teens, the only thing I could do was look to popular culture for verbal cues that whatever it was I was feeling was not all that alien and rare. Because I had no other references.  For example, when I first heard Whitney Houston’s “You Give Good Love,” for some crazy reason, I always felt that Whitney was singing to her gal pal – can’t explain why.  And do any of you remember the all girl group Klymaxx (Meeting in the Ladies Room [say what???], I Miss You)?   I knew those girls were just like me – definition?  NOT heterosexual.  And when I saw Prince’s Purple Rain (one of my top ten favorite movies and albums) and saw Wendy and Lisa, same-sex loving rockers – in his band on the big screen, OMG, not only did it make me fonder of Prince, but my feelings of girl on girl love was somehow validated – once again.

So I recently ran across some current photos of the Ladies on a popular site – Wendy is now 46, Lisa 50 and I was like – hey – I want to post these and thought you might dig them.  I’ve included photos of them when they were with the Revolution.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wendy and Lisa Back in the Day:

And here they are today.


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