Hump Day Honey: Dollicia Bryant all WET

Well What’s Really Good Darlings?

Just so everybody knows.  The Passions does take requests.  So, if there is anything, anyone in particular that you’d like to see on these pages, by all means, ASK FOR IT!!!  Some of you have already and I have delivered and will continue to.  Because that’s what I like to do here – fulfill some of your sexy cyber dreams.

What a JUICY Wednesday this is.  Actually I really don’t mind the rain.  Especially on Hump Day.  Especially when KING Magazine released its WET issue last month (don’t you just LOVE the name?  Wet?).  So I figured – wet-hump -how apropos!  Why not post photos of Drizzy’s fem connect, the delicious Dollicia Bryant to get our minds on humping and through mid-week?  Besides, one of you Passion Followers asked for her.  And you know how the saying goes – ASK the Passions…..and you Shall Receive.  Enjoy!


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