Monday Music Muse: Janet Jackson – The Velvet Rope Era

Good Morning All of You Bright Eye and Bushy Tailed Beautys,

It’s Monday.  And on this day we salute music-related Diva-Icons.  And for the Passions, there is no other Diva-Icon that I’m feeling, that I can relate to more than one Miss Janet Jackson.  Call her Damita-Jo, call her Dunk, Miss Jackson, My Baby-Momma – she will ALWAYS reign superior in my book.

Now my favorite Janet era is her “Velvet Rope Tour.”  Rewind back to 1997-1999.  Our girl was going through some THINGS.  Seriously.  The album was described as a “critical self-examination and an audio journal of a woman’s road to self discovery.”  To say the least!  Janet went deep, dabbling in among other things – BDSM (sigh)  – which was described as Janet revealing her “emotional nakedness,” within the “richly dark masterpiece.”  Honey, it was revealing far more than that!  The Passions was definitely identifying with that place personally on so many levels.  The album was so well received, Billboard placed the work on par with Elton John, Diana Ross and The Rolling Stones.  The contents clearly places it high as possibly Janet’s best work.  And her look of that time?  Sister went back to her roots – natural, organic, righteous and just FREE on us in a way that should NOT be overlooked.  And talk about roots – that HAIR!!!!  Clearly no one could rock RED hair and natural/curly hair the way Janet did it.  And her piercings?  Her tats?  Her wardrobe.  Her whole mood, temperament and vibe left an indelible mark on the collective psyche of her fans.  All of it was Janet in a way we’ve never seen and I will always forever remember her for it.  Come join me in this pictorial journey of this epic moment of a Diva-Icon’s life.


Janet’s Thob performance on SNL is legendary. This is my absolute favorite live performance that she’s done.

Janet’s Together Again will always make me think about those who I love deeply who have transitioned over to the other side.  Thank you so much for this, Janet.

And my favorite JJ video of all time (some of you may already know…):

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