Taraji Henson poses for PETA. YAY!!!

Good Morning you little Eskimos 😉

Since there is so much snowing going on – and not in a good way – I wanted to post something that would warm things up around here.  Ready for your screen (or your thongs) to melt a little bit???

Clears throat……Have I ever told you that I have a fetish for tats?  Well I do.  In fact, The Passions LOVES sexy tats on  sexy bodies.  And when Taraji Henson posed nude for PETA showing us among other things, a lil bit of ink, well, although we know she is one of the newest Passions girl crushes – we thank PETA for reminding us why.  Although the Passions LOVES fur (in special, certain circumstances – wink wink) we LOVE PETA’s advertising strategies just as much.  We thank you Taraji, for showing us just how beautiful you are, for showing us your pretty ink, and for getting our weekend started properly.  (and trust Mother, its more than the tat that’s got the Passions all tingly for Ms. Henson, shiiit).



2 Responses to “Taraji Henson poses for PETA. YAY!!!”

  1. 1 DeeDee
    February 1, 2011 at 7:20 am

    ‘Passions’ keeps me warm when I’m in cold, snowy cities.

  2. February 1, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    Well DeeDee, if you are feeling warm sensations than the Passions is feeling even warmer knowing that we are keeping things toasty for you. As the temps drop even further, we’ll try harder to make things even hotter. Stay tuned.

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