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It’s Happy Hump Day with Halle at the PASSIONS

Good Morning Hotties,

The Passions likes to visit one of her top girl crushes every now and again – because it is not the Passions of Lust Noir if Halle Berry isn’t gracing these pages periodically.  And certain Passion subscribers are big Halle fans so this one is for you – and YOU know who you are, lovelies ;).  Here are some very recent pics of her simply shopping, leaving brunch and attending a Hollywood Benefit honoring Muhammad Ali.  I swear whether she’s rocking a casual look or red carpet – I LOVE this woman’s SWAGGER!!!  Like, is it me or does her look attract more than the eyes of the male persuasion?  Because looking at Halle always makes the Passions feel perky all over!  It’s what we here call a REAL fashion statement.  But frankly, it doesn’t matter what Halle Berry wears because she can make a paper bag look HOT.





Tuesday Temptress: Rihanna covers Rolling Stone

Hey there!

I see we’re all in our places with sun-shiny Faces 🙂

Good Morning Hot Stuff,

I know that here on the East Coast, Spring is taking her sweet ole time bringing us her pretty heat but that’s okay.  We’ll just stare at Rihanna for the time being – for a little bit of warmth.  Although this is JUST the cover, trust and believe, the Passions will be bringing you ‘the inside parts’ of Rihanna in this issue as soon as they become available – around April 1st.  Wonder where she got them shorts.  Wonder what she got in them shorts.



Fierce Friday: DIANA ROSS – Fashion/Style Icon of the Ages – A Retrospective

Well Good Evening My Precious Passion Lovers. Sending Wet Kisses to Each and Every one of you :).

As I was cruising one of my favorite sites, I came across an extraordinary tribute to The Boss, Miss Diana Ross.  The gist?  Well, that Miss Diana Ross was not just in one of the most successful Motown Acts and headed the most successful girl groups of all time, The Supremes, but, she was  truly a major fashion icon in her own right!  Darling, check out the series of stills below!  Whether or not she received proper style accolades – because as you will see, Miss Ross embodied high fashion in every sense of the word –  is irrelevant because her comprehensive body of work speaks for it self.  Mahogany was just a hint of the major influence Miss Ross had on international fashion of the sixties, seventies and eighties – not to mention the acting muscle it allowed her to flex.  What a renaissance showcase with respect to this tremendous legacy Miss Ross has given us!  The pictorial was extraordinary and the Passions wanted to share it with you right here because we have a lot of love for her.  Miss Ross is a true Diva.  And trust, there are far and few between.  We worship this musical, acting and fashion Goddess who has influenced so many.  She is often imitated but never, ever duplicated.  I hope you LOVE this pictorial as much as I do.  And as the Passions always says, take good notes.  Cuz school is in session – and the boss is about to demonstrate how it’s done.

Ode to Jospehine Baker


Tuesday’s Temptress: Miss Janet Jackson rocked Radio City Last Night

Good Morning my Divine Darlings,

Welcome to my personal photo diary of my ultimate girl crush, Miss Janet Jackson, who turned everybody OUT last night at Radio City.  Honey, she had that entire audience on its knees begging for more (@ least I know I was on mine-and I might have been begging for more than just her sanging-if you know what I mean 😉 ).  It was Miss Jackson at her finest, meticulously professional, classy, way beyond sexy whether she was giving leather (sigh-always my personal fav), denim or lame.  Janet was giving fierce body, fierce face, just fierce.  I’m still in awe.  Still rocking the goosebumps.  Still aroused.  Haven’t cum down yet.  And I probably won’t.  At any rate, wanted to share some of the experience with you here at the Passions from the Passions perspective.  Miss Jackson is, and always will be, the Passions all-time favorite girl crush. 🙂

Now for the low down and dirty review:  I swore she looked dead @ me at one point – for a moment –  during the concert.  i came.  right there.  in my skinny jeans.  she was singing, When I Think Of You.  I died.  Whether real or imagined – I will never be the same again.


FREAKY FRIDAY: Nicki Minaj is PACKING – (yes, packing as in DILDO)

Sexy Ones, It’s Friday.

Now rarely will I post a pic without some lengthy commentary attached.  But today, I shall let le photos (taken @ a recent concert in Providence, R.I.) speak for themselves (although she got a deliciously tight grip on it, don’t she?).  Ahhhh……I knew a little girl named NICKI…….


Thirsty Thursday is Passions Girl Crush Day!!! Paula Patton, Ciara and Nicole Murphy

Good Morning Beautiful Ones,

Today is Girl Crush day (like everyday isn’t girl crush day here @ the Passions 🙂 ).  I have a few of our lovely ladies in motion including a new one we’re adding to the crush roster.

Here’s is one of the Passions absolute FAVORITE GIRL CRUSHES (and obviously one of your Favs too, my loyal followers, as Paula has clocked one of the most successful posts by way of clicks ever here at the Passions (and contines to).  You’ll have to search to find that one 😉 ).  She’s rushing through the airport in Toronto looking her usual, hot, sexy, sporty self.  Hey Girl!!!

Next up – Miss Ciara.  Here she is cheering on the New York Knicks.  Who cares why, all we care about is that is it’s Ciara AND she’s cheering on the Knicks.  Can’t get better than that short of her posing with the Knicks City Dancers 😉 (and her rocking those Louboutin Daf’s……sigh).

And the newest addition to the Passions Girl Crush Club is Miss Nicole Murphy.  @ 40 plus and after popping out FIVE, yes count ’em, five of Eddie Murphy’s heirs – you have to ask yourself, would you be able to keep it THIS tight?  She’s slaying chica’s ten years (and more) younger than her with her body action.  Look at those abs.  Look @ those legs.  Look @ that back.  Look @ that backside.  Miss Murphy?  You are in there, like swimwear.  Welcome to the Passions.  🙂  Trust, you’re in good company.


WET WEDNESDAY: Anybody Miss the L-Word? Presenting Carmen/Sarah Shahi


Now that I got that off my chest:

Can you believe how sheisty Shane was for leaving this lovely specimen of femininity at the altar on the second to the final season of the L-Word?  Only to go for Jenny, YES, crazy ass JENNY that next season?  BEYOND Scandalous (and a bit of wishful thinking on SOMEBODY’S part….).

Anyway, since some of us miss the L-Word so much, I figured I post some sexy pics of the divine Aahoo Jahansouzshahi or Miss Carmen the hottie for nostalgia sake.  And for the record, this Persian/Latina Princess is currently starring in the USA Series Fairly Legal.  Go catch her in action.

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