Tuesday’s Temptress: Miss Janet Jackson rocked Radio City Last Night

Good Morning my Divine Darlings,

Welcome to my personal photo diary of my ultimate girl crush, Miss Janet Jackson, who turned everybody OUT last night at Radio City.  Honey, she had that entire audience on its knees begging for more (@ least I know I was on mine-and I might have been begging for more than just her sanging-if you know what I mean 😉 ).  It was Miss Jackson at her finest, meticulously professional, classy, way beyond sexy whether she was giving leather (sigh-always my personal fav), denim or lame.  Janet was giving fierce body, fierce face, just fierce.  I’m still in awe.  Still rocking the goosebumps.  Still aroused.  Haven’t cum down yet.  And I probably won’t.  At any rate, wanted to share some of the experience with you here at the Passions from the Passions perspective.  Miss Jackson is, and always will be, the Passions all-time favorite girl crush. 🙂

Now for the low down and dirty review:  I swore she looked dead @ me at one point – for a moment –  during the concert.  i came.  right there.  in my skinny jeans.  she was singing, When I Think Of You.  I died.  Whether real or imagined – I will never be the same again.


2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Temptress: Miss Janet Jackson rocked Radio City Last Night”

  1. 1 Janet
    March 22, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    Did I really make you cum? Right there – In your skinny jeans !

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