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The Friday WIND-Up @ the Passions

Morning Glorys,

Finally, we’re getting warmer!  It puts me in a good mood.  And Fridays put me in an even better mood.  For the Friday Passions Finale?  Random CRUSH beauties doing their thang.


Gaby Union was doing something important with old school Model Beverly Johnson.  I can feature Gaby all day and never get tired.

Evidently Kelly Rowland is running things over in Europe. But here in the States?  She is just another GORGEOUS celeb ;). Girl, those legs, those legs…..(sigh)

Here’s Nicki Minaj @ some airport.  Her wig/weave and lashes are TIGHT!  And her skin doesn’t suck either.

RiRi Red Head @ Chow’s in L.A.  Loving her show game.

Halle and the Maxi’s.  She’s making me wanna go out and buy a few.  They’re so easy and freeing.  And Halle makes it look easy and freeing – like she just got right out of bed and threw one on.  How much you wanna bet she’s wearing NOTHING underneath?

Giving Billy D. a wet one?  Ewwwww.

One of the Passions earliest girl crushes – Rosa Acosta – celebrated her birthday this week.

That’s right, Rosa – Kiss the Kitty 😉

Acosta with Somaya Reece.  Looks like a PM.  What do you think?

And we leave you with a little Amber just to get your weekend started right 😉


Superhead and her pretty pink dilly.

Greetings Sweethearts,

The Passions understands that chicks rocking dildos publicly is the business lately.  Superhead, which we featured earlier this week in BDSM attire – has been exploding all over the internet in her lovely nightie while strapping a pretty pink dildo.  So I decided that it was only fair that I feature her and her friend right here. Because some of you expressed an interest and because guys aren’t the only ones into chicks with dicksLadies fancy them too 🙂.   And as you know, I aim to please.  ;).  Just as I imagine Ms. Superhead does as well.

BTW – The Passions sends a big Happy Birthday Shout-out to Passions follower Cherie!!!  Happy Birthday Girl.  And may there be a nicely strapped, pretty dildo in your future (in a pretty nightie)!!!


A Hot Chocolate Hump Day: Tika Sumpter in Esquire

Hey Sexy Darlings,

Introducing, the newest Passion’s crush:  Miss Tika Sumpter.

Like dark, hot chocolate?  I know I do, and since Hollis, Queens native Tika Sumpter’s (catch her on tv as Raina Thorpe in Gossip Girl and Layla Thorpe on One Life to Live) career has come alive before our very eyes – we’ve been seeing her lovely smile and gorgeous All-American looks everywhere.  For her, it must be nice to be recognized for one’s talent and effort in a world where those things are easily glossed over for other stuff.  So we here, at the Passions, are pleased as an engorged chocolate covered cherry to see the likes of Tika doing the rounds in good ole Hollyweird.  Here are some pics from her recent Esquire shoot.  She’s more than a delicious reason for having a hot and chocolatey spring day ;).


Titillating Tuesday: King Magazine’s Best of the Beauty Bunch

Well Hello Darlings,

So it would seem that during the prior ‘dry spell,’ that the Passions has actually brought back some heat from my vacay in South Beach to warm things up around here 🙂 – just to make it up to you.  I had to!  Spring in New York was beginning to look like the nether regions of Palin’s Alaska – and we ALL know that’s a big NO-GO.

So what I dug up for you sweet precious ones, are some shots from King Magazine’s finest.  They are not recent photos but I wanted to focus on their best and brightest – with many names you will undoubtedly recognize.


We’re gonna start things off proper with Janet.  Of course no one can compare. She did King a favor.

Stacy Dash’s photo shoots for King are legendary.  Look @ those legs……

Gaby U in 2002. Look @ those arms!  Sigh.

Supahead proves that leather is better ;).

Christina Milian looking all creamy and delicious.

Angela Lola Love – one of Hip Hop’s favorite video chicks.  You can see why.

Miss Leila looking beyond yummy.

Lovely Jessica White – before the recent rhino work.  Frankly she didn’t need it.

Here’s a group shot.  While I can’t name everyone, you can see this is way better than any chocolate sundae 🙂 you’ve ever eaten.  Trust.


Eva Marcille goes NUDE for Louboutin’s $6k Red Bottoms….Ooh La La

Good Morning Lovers,

Well it’s Monday.  And the Passions would like to jump-start the week with a little naked Passions Fashions.

Crush Eva Marcille posed with these magnificent Louboutin’s and shared her lust with the world.

There is nothing better than a beautiful woman in a pair of Christian Louboutin’s.


Who do you desire more?  Eva or the shoes?  🙂


Amber Rose shows her Fatty while frolicking Topless in Beautiful Barbados

Buenos TaTas,

Everyone is vacaying in Barbados lately.  Must be the new South Beach for those in the “know”.  The Passions had the opportunity to spend some time there a few years ago.  It’s beyond spectacular!  White sand beaches and crystal blue waters.  An island paradise.  Anyway, I came across some recent pics of Miss Amber Rose enjoying the Bajan rays shamelessly showing off her bigger, juicy fatty.  Sorry I couldn’t catch her sun burnt pierced nips but I can offer you a comparison of her bikini body now versus when she was rocking Ye back in 09.  Which version do you prefer???

Amber in 2009

Amber now,  April 2011

Personally, the Passions is ALWAYS in favor of more CUSHION for the PUSHING – but again – its a matter of TASTE 😉


Pretty Girls Keri Hilson and Ciara rock & roll @ Supafest in Aussie-land

Hello Happy Hump Day Lovers!!!

Two of the Passion’s favorites – Keri Hilson and Ciara are part of the line up for Supafest, Australia’s biggest urban festival.  They performed in Sydney last night and of course I found some pics to titillate your visual senses.  Does it really matter who rocked harder, better, best when talking about these two gorgeous ones? Not really, but considering Keri has written a few hits for Ciara – we can only guess that these ladies are well acquainted with each other and have been for a while (we know you go in hard ATL – wink wink).  Wonder if they had adjoining suites – cuz personally, I would LOVE to be in the middle of that possibility.  I know what we’ll call it going forward – a PM – a Passions Ménage- that’s right – with the Passions all in-between ;).  Have a Happy Hump, Honeys!

Ci-Ci – this shot right here…….

Hmmm.  That’s NOT the PM (Passions Ménage) we were thinking of, but, damn.

The Passions LOVES a shady lady………

Feeling a little cunty, Miss Keri?  Me too 🙂

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