Titillating Tuesday: King Magazine’s Best of the Beauty Bunch

Well Hello Darlings,

So it would seem that during the prior ‘dry spell,’ that the Passions has actually brought back some heat from my vacay in South Beach to warm things up around here 🙂 – just to make it up to you.  I had to!  Spring in New York was beginning to look like the nether regions of Palin’s Alaska – and we ALL know that’s a big NO-GO.

So what I dug up for you sweet precious ones, are some shots from King Magazine’s finest.  They are not recent photos but I wanted to focus on their best and brightest – with many names you will undoubtedly recognize.


We’re gonna start things off proper with Janet.  Of course no one can compare. She did King a favor.

Stacy Dash’s photo shoots for King are legendary.  Look @ those legs……

Gaby U in 2002. Look @ those arms!  Sigh.

Supahead proves that leather is better ;).

Christina Milian looking all creamy and delicious.

Angela Lola Love – one of Hip Hop’s favorite video chicks.  You can see why.

Miss Leila looking beyond yummy.

Lovely Jessica White – before the recent rhino work.  Frankly she didn’t need it.

Here’s a group shot.  While I can’t name everyone, you can see this is way better than any chocolate sundae 🙂 you’ve ever eaten.  Trust.


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