Paula Patton Jumps the Broom (wish she was juming into my bedroom….sigh)

Hello Honeys,

The Passions is in LOVE with Paula Patton.  Passion Veterans know this already.

She has a film coming out this weekend, “Jumping the Broom,” the TD Jakes production I mentioned awhile back.  I cannot wait to see her – it.  The fact that Angela Basset is starring as well makes it even all the more attractive.  So, of course the press is out enforce to get recent pics of Paula and her fam – her son, blonde and adorable Julian Fuego (isn’t he positively darling?) and the “dilf” of the moment for some chicks, Robin Thicke.  Forget the hearsay about their marriage woes – it’s gotta be hell being married to a hot and famous Hollywood celebrity, including Robin, but of course the Passions is referring to Paula specifically.  We hope he’s able to keep ‘up’ with Ms. Patton because we know, we would be ALL on top of THAT.

From the film premiere.

These are from her appearance @ MTV studios.  Real talk, I’m not checking for the outfit Paula, but you still look like a yummy picnic to me 🙂


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