Random Acts of Chocolate: Some Passion CRUSH Power

Hello – You Sexy Sources of Sensual Inspiration (Hope you like being called that 😉 ),

So today is Tuesday – and since Tuesday doesn’t get nearly as much shine as Mondays do – (and let’s not even compare it to a day that has the privilege of being called  HUMP Day) – I wanted to shower you with some female beauty.  It only seems fitting to catch you up on some of the goings on of some of OUR favorite girl crushes.  Ready?


Alicia Keys covers Essence giving great face.

Think she still has swagger?  Hmmh.  She must be rocking someone with a  double x chromosome.  The power of the P is too strong to resist.

Sanaa covers Uptown flashing her rack.  NICE!!!  The leg shot is working overtime too.  Sigh….

Sanaa definitely has that classic beauty.

Rihanna in Paris.  For some reason she is just giving a little bit of the subtle sexy.  Subtle, but it’s there, Honey – it’s there!

Ciara in L.A.  Has anyone bothered to tell her that gas is $5 bucks a gallon.  Why is she rocking a Hummer???  Still love you tho.  Need a work-out partner, boo?

This one is REALLY random and not @ all recent.  But crushes from the BX reign supreme in my book.  So, just in case you didn’t know, the Passion’s has  got Stacey’s back ;).  THIS is bringing sexy BACK.  Yep.

Lauren London.  Getting knocked up by a famous rapper was probably not a bad come-up for girly.  Cute nonetheless.


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