Random Acts of (HOT) Chocolate w/Serena, Jada, A. Keys, Kelly and B

Hey Hotties,

Have to hit you with some random acts of hot Chocolatey goodness today – cuz – that’s how we do it here at the Passions.


Ms. Terror Fabulous (what she calls herself) and her big sis Venus will be back at Wimbledon this year, giving many of us here at the Passions a reason to watch pro tennis again.  Damn she is looking good.  Guess we might not be able to slam a backhand off that derriere this time around cuz girl is FIT to be tied.  The butt might be gone but the Terror is back!

Jada is giving nothing but fierce on the cover of Uptown.  We likes, we likes!

A. Keys doing her humanitarian thang.  Mother has come a long way from braids and the pimp swagger.

Kelly Rowland in Scotland for X Factor just working her pretty buns off.  (Yes, X factor, Kells is NOT begging to be bound with a pair of soft, furry handcuffs although that wouldn’t be a bad idea…..)

Okay.  So Beyonce is NOT a Passions Girl Crush. Nope.  But many of you Passion Followers love her.  And you know I like to make you happy.  So here are her latest pics coming inside an Essence magazine near you.  The billboard ad has her touting something that makes her look like something divine. Almost doesn’t matter what the freak it is.  Enjoy.


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