Liya Kebede: A New Passion for Gay Pride Week (Rant warning)

Good Morning Cuties,

And a Happy Hump Day too!  Today we give you Liya Kebede, international superstar/super model/super hottie.  I bet you haven’t seen much of her gracing the pages of your favorite magazines or any of the runways.  The fact that fashion refuses to include more “colorful=black” models to showcase their designs is beyond sinful.  Particularly when many ‘designers’ are obviously GAY – they scream at the top of their purple lungs when people discriminate against them because of their orientation – but they themselves throw around the most degrading, divisive comments – men who don’t even ‘like’ women dictate what’s beautiful and fashion forward for women AND discriminate with VIGOR (Galliano, James Brown to name just a vocal few).  Imagine that!  Oh the hypocrisy!!!  P.S. You gay, disgusting, RACIST designers:  YOU SUCK!!! (and I’m being nice.)


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