Monday Morning Madness: Random Acts of Chocolate in July w/Janet, Kelly, Latifah, Ciara, Rihanna & More

Good Morning Darlings,

I hope your weekend was as hot as mine 🙂

Today, the Passions gives you Random Acts of Chocolate to get your week started.  Enjoy.


First up, the one, the only, Ms. Janet Jackson finishing up the European leg of her tour.  Fabulous as always, here she moves through the airport in Barcelona with entourage in tow.  Are you hiring, Miss Jackson, because I would sure as hell would work with you, for you, under you?  For free.  Seriously.  I mean it.  Holler @ your girl.

Here’s Kelly Rowland doing her X Factor thing.  Miss Thing can seriously work a look.

Chili doing her Atlanta society thing.

Rihanna and her adorably mischievous self.  The Passions thinks she is such a cutie (apologies to those who think otherwise 😉 )

Anyone Bronx-affiliated gets my love always.  So here’s hot-ass Evelyn from Basketball Wives with her pretty daughter celebrating Lil Kim’s bday.

Latifah at a Dolce & Gabanna event.  Nice to see her out and about.  I friggin LOVE her hustle.  You out already Honey as far as I’m concerned.  Been out.  F ’em.  We don’t call you Queen for nothing.

And last but certainly not least, is Ciara.  Just spectacular.  Promoting Malibu.  Nice gig I would say.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Ciara couldn’t make it any more obvious being all up on Janet’s business.  But the Passions likes it.  Imitation Yes, but I’m not mad (that is, if Janet’s not).


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