Stacey Dash FIRED from Single Ladies? True or False?

Good Morning Passion Lovers,

So all research indicates that unless something magical happens between now and Season 2 of Single Ladies, we will not get to see Bronx-born Stacey Dash, the ONLY reason to watch this show in the first place, re-join the cast as the vivaciously beautiful but alluringly sensitive boutique owner Val.  So Yes, the rumors are true, homegirl has been fired.  According to In Touch, The Queen made the decision to fire Stacey personally, citing the actress’ inability to get along with fellow castmates and crew.  (Are you clutching the pearls?  Because I know I am.  Obviously some stuff was going DOWN on that set.)  It has also been stated that casting is in progress to fill Stacey’s Louboutins (we know a next to impossible feat).  This is all quite unbelievable for just the first season, but as I predicted before the series even aired, with all that feminine ego, estrogen, sexiness and insecurities flying through the air among other things we might not even imagine, some major drama was bound to happen.  And often times the prettiest and the most talented (Stacey) is targeted – or possibly the one stirring stuff up.  Apparently Single Ladies and Basketball Wives has proven to be two of the biggest hits on VH1’s roster.  Ever.  With Single Ladies clocking in about 2 million viewers every week.  Black Women=Power on the screen, Darlings – don’t let them tell us any different AND we are far from anybody’s damn Help – but we won’t go there – (sweet baby Jesus please don’t let me go THERE today).

The big question is, will we be watching Single Ladies next season?  Personally?  The Passions won’t be watching :(.  Sorry.  We’re really big Stacey fans so there’s not a lot of reason to – plus – We know how Lisa Raye gets down.  If any of you remember that sitcom she did with Will and Jada, All of Us, when Lisa’s co-star actress Elise Neal was mysteriously or shall we say unceremoniously dismissed from her thespian duties.  Coincidence?  We think not.  Check out these photos below of a well-tanned Lisa Raye celebrating, I mean, vacationing in Italy while the Stacey firing went down. Take a good look because the ever so loyal Passions might not be posting any more pics of Mz. Raye if she did have anything to do with the Stacey firing.  Hmmph.

She seems really happy doesn’t she?  Apparently Lisa felt it necessary to tweet her innocence from Europe.  As you may have noticed, there is not one drop of compassion or support for her terminated castmate in this tweet below.  You don’t have to have a law degree to figure this one out folks.

And to add fuel to the fire, principal writer and executive producer Stacy Littlejohn backs ‘er up.  Lisa Raye’s a strong woman, eh?  We see that, Miss Littlejohn.  Point noted.

Let’s just celebrate?  These are some shady developments, especially when we know it wasn’t just the writing that was carrying this show and that it definitely wasn’t Lisa Raye’s acting chops that was carrying the show either.  (Google it, the commentary on Lisa’s talent (or lack thereof is legendary.)

Again, my Ladies, what it boils down to – is do you wanna watch this?

OR that  \/


2 Responses to “Stacey Dash FIRED from Single Ladies? True or False?”

  1. 1 DeeDee
    August 17, 2011 at 4:41 am

    Oh No – Who could ever replace her? I hope they work it out.

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