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Passions Mega Post for a Titillating Tuesday: with Angela,Tika, Kelly, Eve and More.

Good Morning Kittens,

We think it’s time for a chocolate-ty Mega Post!  Don’t you?


Let’s start it off with Crush Tika Sumpter posing with her girl Lala Vasquez for Derek Blank for this “Thelma and Louise,”  inspired shoot.

Do you think they captured it?  Doesn’t matter, they look good trying.

Toni and Tamar dining out in Hollyhood.

Here’s Kelly Rowland leaving the X Factor studios making it a true Titillating Tuesday by flashing us with her glorious globes.

Momma is working the girls.  And we ain’t mad about it either.

Nicole Murphy and her babies at a local pumpkin patch in L.A.  She is SO fine.

Lot’s of ladies have been celebrating their October birthdays.  Here’s Ashanti looking radiant.

Amber Rose has an October birthday.  A couple of twitpics of her party.

Looks like she is growing out her hair.  Wonder what that will do for her look and celeb status?

There are always star-studded events going on from New York City to Los Angeles.  And some of the Passion’s favorite chocolate crushes were representing quite nicely making things all the more lovely :).

Here’s Angela Bassett attending an event at The New York Academy for the Arts.

Just gorg.

The 2011 Angel Ball was another big event.  Here’s Naomi and her billionaire.

Lala and Kim K were there.

But we think Eve ‘brung it’ looking red-hot.

Werk, Eve!

But Black Girls Rock was the hottest event last week in our opinion, bringing out lovely, feminine and of course, chocolate Star Power.

Alex Wek looking fabulous!

Doesn’t Regina King’s arms make you wanna work out with her?  Looking all nice and bronzy.

Mary J. performed.  Looking just amazing.

Course we know Erykah Badu rocked it.  Don’t care what anybody says, I love her style.  AND she’s a beautiful woman.

Tatiana Ali grew up to be a glamorous young lady.

Taraji has a special place in the heart of the Passions.  Every time we see her, we always think of her tattoo in her PETA ad.  Sigh…….

And Sharon Leal was there too – another Passions Crush.  Just LOVE her 🙂


Janet Jackson in Abu Dhabi

Good Afternoon Sweet Things,

Miss Jackson dazzled a packed audience at the Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi last week.  And did you think the Passions was going to let you miss any of the pics?  Of course not 😉


Why “three” is Never a Crowd: Fierce Friday with Sanaa Lathan, Gaby Union and Ciara

Good Morning Angels,

Let’s start the weekend off with a Passions Menage :).  No, I am not suggesting that Sanaa, Gaby and Ciara hooked up.  Sigh.  Although that would be one HELLuva wet dream that the Passions would not want to wake up from.  Anyway, what I am saying is that these three gorgeous ladies were in attendance at @ REACH: 24 Photos by Richard Slavin for Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project.  These Delicious Divas prove over and over again, that Black is so Beautiful – As if you needed to be reminded.

All KINDS of fabulous-ness going on here.


Wonder what was so funny???  Hope it was sexy.

Judging by Sanaa’s reaction – I vote that it HAD to be sexy.  Just saying….

These two.  🙂

Game PROPER, Gaby.

Ciara is wearing that dress.  And those legs just say, YES!


Janet Jackson – the Face (& Body) of Blackgama: More Out-takes and a Vid!!!

Good Morning My Sexy Sirens,

I know that I cannot make it any clearer – that Janet Jackson infinitely reigns supreme, superior above all that I post here.  It is something you must understand if you follow the Passions.  Miss Jackson is ruling things.  Period.  The End.

K.  Now that we’ve got that established, here are some MORE outtakes of her Blackgama photo shoot along with a BONUS video of the actual shoot.  Sorry Honeys – there is no one HOTTER, SEXIER, GLAMOROUS, FABULOUS, TALENTED, SOPHISTICATED more SENSUOUS, more PLAYFUL, more NAUGHTY – I can go on but I won’t make you all suffer.  (Be still, my sweet heart and my heightened temperature and my twitching thighs and my salivating oral fixation and my over lubricating….).

Enjoy :).


Rihanna is Esquire’s 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive?

*WARNING:  A political rant is embedded in this sexy post.*

Good Morning Bon Bons,

Happiness is Hump Day.  And who makes many of you feel all happy and humpy?  Why Rihanna of course!  And she is riding the tsunami wave of unbridled hotness right now.  Who could blame her with the (smooth, silky soft, pliant) skin she’s in?  She is covering Esquire’s November issue having been bestowed the honor of being the “Sexiest Woman Alive.”   Hmmmh.  And did you know she is but one of only three black women Esquire has given this “honor” to?  Ever? And each of those covers has been controversial and somewhat hostile to women of color.  And Rihanna’s cover is no different.  Robin Givens is wearing a wheel barrel on her cover, I’m serious.  And Halle’s seemed to be intentionally understated.  Neither photo is worth posting here, my Darlings.

You will note that Rihanna is significantly pared down to the bare minimum wearing what could be described as sea weed and we might suggest sand but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say it looks like she’s been rolling around in dirt.  Hardly any make-up was used (proof she is a true natural beauty) and there appeared to have been no hair stylist on set.  Esquire, really? I suppose they wanted to reinforce their politics on black female sexuality.  And we get it Esquire.  Nevertheless, whatever the intent – Rihanna is STILL incredibly sexy, however, we must be mindful of picking up those ‘cues’ and underlining ‘isms’ that litter our pop culture imagery.


A Passions Chocolate Hump Day Special: With Janet, Halle, Nia, Rihanna and More…..

Hello My Ever-Ready Bunnies,

Our favorite Passions crushes have been quite the busy bees lately.  Whether here in the States or overseas, they have been gracing the right places with their presence while striking the right poses.  So we’ve combined them all right here in this Passions Hump Day Mega-Post for your one-stop-eye-candy-shopping pleasure.  I hope your optical senses will be overwhelmed with all of this heavenly deliciousness :).


Starting stateside, first, of course we have more Janet in LA, still holding court at the proceedings of her brother’s murderer.  Check out the bag.

Next?  Has fertility looked sexier?  Nia has brought a whole new meaning to that ‘glow.’ Here she is covering Ebony.

Can she be anymore beautiful?

Here’s Amber rocking shades that I’m guessing are from her sunglass line.  That crazy design is out of this world!  Really, they are.

The glasses are fly but the boots are much flyer. Way, way flyer.

What’s not hot about a woman in tight jeans and suede, knee high, metal toe boots?  Seriously?

So we hear that Ashanti is reviving her music career.  We can’t wait to hear what she has in store.

All hot and spicy in that red 🙂

The 2011 BET Awards were last week.  Jeannette Jenkins is the ONLY one worth featuring here @ the Passions ;).  This lady is tantalizingly gorgeous.  On some ‘other’ level.  WERK.

Now we travel overseas to Spain, where Halle Berry is shooting her latest film.  Have you heard she broke her foot? :(.

Damaged foot isn’t slowing her down.  They make such a sweet family.  Nahla is getting so big!

Jen visited Kelly on the X-Factor across the Pond.

The Passions LOVES some Kells.  The arms on her.

Here’s Keri Hilson arriving in Paris last week rocking some kind of couture.

I love it when she rocks the Doc Martens.

And here she is all ‘dolled’ up.  Yum (a common description we use around these parts for this Pretty Girl).

The leather dress must be making Keri feel some kind of way if you look closer at her expression.  Hope its ‘steamy’ thoughts. Cuz we’re having them looking at her.

Miss Universe, Leila Lopes of Uganda is in Indonesia promoting her message of international peace (and international beauty).

She’s such a stunner.

And lastly we have bad girl Rihanna making it rain stout in Ireland.  She’s doing big things on her Tour.

She went blonde for the cover of Vogue UK a la Marilyn Monroe.

The woman is righteously beautiful.


Passions Crush MEGA Post: CIARA does PARIS

Good Morning My Sweet, Succulent Chocolate Lovers,

So Ciara has been living it up in Paris!  Right now she is a darling to a bevy of designers, who like the Passions, are fiending for her looks, her body and her intense feminine sexiness.  She is perfect muse material.   Partying it up like a rock star, Miss Thing has been front row and center to many shows, cocktail parties and the Parisian nightclub scene.  And the Passions is bringing you right there, giving you  an insiders look to what she’s been up to while over there.  Who doesn’t LOVE Paris, Babies?  And we love it all the more with Ciara all up in it.


Ciara at Barbara Bui Ready to Wear.

Ask me if I would rock those boots?

With J. Hud @ Givenchy. Cici is all leggy and boobalicious.

Am I the only one salivating????

Ciara @ Dsquared’s opening boutique party.  Dean and Dan are CUTE!

@ Hogan in this GORGEOUS Lagerfeld.

Peek-a-BOO.  I see right THRU that sezzy dress, CiCi ;).

Like Twitpics?  The Passions loves ’em and here are a few that Ciara posted – for your viewing pleasure :).


Strike that pose, boo.

Pretty :).

Lovely, long toes. We think your toes rock here @ the Passions, Cici.


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