Monday Morning Mega Post Madness Chocolate Overdose with Taraji, Kerry, A. Keys, Kelly, Mary J and MORE

Well Good Morning my little Snuggle Bunnies,

So the Passions is going to set the week off with a Mega Post of Chocolate Crushes.  It’s been a minute so let’s get this party started.


First, let’s go to New York City.  Such the philanthropist, last week, Alicia Keys and friends were in attendance at the 8th Annual “Keep A Child Alive,” event.  Of course the Black Star Power was in full, positive effect.

Them shoes, Alicia!  Gotta have a shoe game.

Keys is looking right.

Kerry Washington is a Socialite!  Cute cocktail dress, girl.

Lala Vasquez.  Pretty lady.  Any comments on her head gear? I don’t think she needed it.

La looks Fabulous!!!  Work that chapeau, gottdamnit.

Looking so so classy.  We know you want to tune in to Miss Thing’s talk show next year!!!  The Passions is excited for Latifah!!!  Again, she is the model of how one must pursue Hollywood successfully, flawlessly – closet or not.  Take them notes, Ladies.

Another New York City event was the “L’Oreal Legends Gala for Ovarian Cancer Research.”  Kerry Washington?  Present.  And looking tre-glam as per usual.

Ok.  So what’s right about this?  Her hair?  Check.  Her make-up?  Check.  Ms. Thing is giving crazy bone structure!!! BTW – The Passions would like to personally thank Kerry for the game proper back shot.

Taraji was at the “Legends Gala,” too.  She is tantalizing in teal.

Oh my, Taraji (clutching pearls) you are killing the back shot, too?  Too many things !!!!  Is black beautiful?

Taraji is a natural.

Michael Michelle was repping, all sleek, slender and blonde.

Say what you want, but obviously this chica’s got killer swagger.  I’m not mad at her either.

Nice!  Two of the most powerfully talented and beautiful actresses in Hollywood.  Both are pulsating with Oscar winning potential.  Just pulsating.

Looking at these shots, don’t you wish you were at the Gala?  I know I do 🙂

Amber Rose was doing promos for Smirnoff  “Master of the Mix.”

Nice glasses, Amb.

The Passions likes that she’s growing her hair out.  Not sure if she should let it get any longer tho.

Now over to the beast coast, here’s my baby’s Momma’s big sis leaving Boa Steakhouse in L.A.  Werk that bag and the gloves, Miss Thing, looking all fabulous at 60+.

That body is NOT quitting.  She is putting a hurting on that lil black dress.

Now tell me who looks this damn good at LaToya’s age?  Seriously.  The Passions is quite fond of LaToya Jackson.

Now THIS is the definition of Ab-Fab.  We’re still checking for Eddie’s x-wife.

Yes, this woman popped out FIVE kids out of THAT body.  Not bad, eh?

Nicole Murphy, Fitness Shero.

Here’s lil Miss Rihanna in her “Talk that Talk,” promo shots.

Such a naughty girl 😉

And across the Pond, Kelly Rowland at the “Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year Awards,” in London.

Mary J. taping at BBC Radio One in the U.K. looking very luscious.

Mary’s swag is so sophisticated.  Momma is looking HOT lately.


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