A Brand New Passions Spring MEGA Post with Halle, Gaby, Selita, Rihanna and MORE!!!

My Sweet-Sweet Lovers,

It’s been a moment since we’ve had a mega post to catch you up on some of the Passion favorites.  I hope this one doesn’t disappoint!!!

Alicia on the cover of Vibe rocking a pompadour.  I don’t know if the pompadour is supposed to be phallic or gay – but I know Little Richard made it famous and Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars made it infamous but it just says so many things.  Alicia is looking mad hot I think.  A piercing on the right nostril might have sent me over the edge.  What say you, Passion followers?

To my Halle Berry fans out there – I love you very verbal darlings 🙂 – Here she is taking care of business in Studio City, L.A.

Here she is arriving at the Beverly Hilton for a business meeting.  Hair on POINT as always.

And here she is looking just spectacular with her ‘guy.’

Here’s Jada Pinkett Smith in New York City.  Is she giving wealthy divorcee to you?

Seeing Jada made me think of this recent pic I ran across of her.  She looks FAB.

I just LOVE this shot of Gaby Union and Selita Eubanks getting all cozy.  What I wouldn’t do to have Gabrielle Union sitting in my lap!!!  I was pleasantly surprised to see Selita doing a photo shoot right in my neighborhood the other day.  Girlfriend is TALL and absolutely gorgeous in person.

Seeing Selita made me think of this bath tub shoot I ran across.  Yum.  Makes you wanna dive in?

Little MIss Rihanna posed for the cover of Elle looking like a blue eye blonde.  Only Elle Magazine.

But baby girl looks hella good.  Can’t lie.

But known to switch things up every now and again, Rih-Rih has gone dark and shaved.  And of course, the Passions likes ;).

She is such the bad girl.

On the topic of being “washed-out,” did you happen to catch Brandy’s latest hot-ass photo shoot?  If not, here it is:

Brandy’s looking VERY hot but VERY bleached out.  Not her fault, but sister is WERKING it anyways.  We’ve never seen her look like this – delish ;).

Here’s Aisha Tyler in New York.  Sorry but her Ivy gets the Passions ish hard.  Don’t know why, it just does.  Excuse the fetish, please.

Aisha is neat, stylish but understated.  Passions Approved.

For you Amber fans, she’s been seen in and around New York City lately, properly maintaining the extension of her 15.  And we aren’t mad about it either.

Amber and Tara Reid.

Keri Hilson was also in NYC.  We wanna snatch the bag and the wedge sneaks.

Giving good face.

Again, with an interesting looking fit.  I’m feeling the collar and cuff accessories.  Sweet.

Miss Thing is leaving the Passion’s breathless with this nip flash.  Whew, girl…..

With Adrienne Bailon and Julissa Bermudez.

We here at the Passions love a nip flash.  So please, no shade, no hate :).  Just nip love here.

Paula Patton attends eBay Celebrity and Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Celebrate Pop-Up Gallery Exhibition in Chelsea in New York.


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