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A Brand New Passions Spring MEGA Post with Halle, Gaby, Selita, Rihanna and MORE!!!

My Sweet-Sweet Lovers,

It’s been a moment since we’ve had a mega post to catch you up on some of the Passion favorites.  I hope this one doesn’t disappoint!!!

Alicia on the cover of Vibe rocking a pompadour.  I don’t know if the pompadour is supposed to be phallic or gay – but I know Little Richard made it famous and Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars made it infamous but it just says so many things.  Alicia is looking mad hot I think.  A piercing on the right nostril might have sent me over the edge.  What say you, Passion followers?

To my Halle Berry fans out there – I love you very verbal darlings 🙂 – Here she is taking care of business in Studio City, L.A.

Here she is arriving at the Beverly Hilton for a business meeting.  Hair on POINT as always.

And here she is looking just spectacular with her ‘guy.’

Here’s Jada Pinkett Smith in New York City.  Is she giving wealthy divorcee to you?

Seeing Jada made me think of this recent pic I ran across of her.  She looks FAB.

I just LOVE this shot of Gaby Union and Selita Eubanks getting all cozy.  What I wouldn’t do to have Gabrielle Union sitting in my lap!!!  I was pleasantly surprised to see Selita doing a photo shoot right in my neighborhood the other day.  Girlfriend is TALL and absolutely gorgeous in person.

Seeing Selita made me think of this bath tub shoot I ran across.  Yum.  Makes you wanna dive in?

Little MIss Rihanna posed for the cover of Elle looking like a blue eye blonde.  Only Elle Magazine.

But baby girl looks hella good.  Can’t lie.

But known to switch things up every now and again, Rih-Rih has gone dark and shaved.  And of course, the Passions likes ;).

She is such the bad girl.

On the topic of being “washed-out,” did you happen to catch Brandy’s latest hot-ass photo shoot?  If not, here it is:

Brandy’s looking VERY hot but VERY bleached out.  Not her fault, but sister is WERKING it anyways.  We’ve never seen her look like this – delish ;).

Here’s Aisha Tyler in New York.  Sorry but her Ivy gets the Passions ish hard.  Don’t know why, it just does.  Excuse the fetish, please.

Aisha is neat, stylish but understated.  Passions Approved.

For you Amber fans, she’s been seen in and around New York City lately, properly maintaining the extension of her 15.  And we aren’t mad about it either.

Amber and Tara Reid.

Keri Hilson was also in NYC.  We wanna snatch the bag and the wedge sneaks.

Giving good face.

Again, with an interesting looking fit.  I’m feeling the collar and cuff accessories.  Sweet.

Miss Thing is leaving the Passion’s breathless with this nip flash.  Whew, girl…..

With Adrienne Bailon and Julissa Bermudez.

We here at the Passions love a nip flash.  So please, no shade, no hate :).  Just nip love here.

Paula Patton attends eBay Celebrity and Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Celebrate Pop-Up Gallery Exhibition in Chelsea in New York.


KERRY WASHINGTON Hits the sweet spot in Scandal

Well Darlings,

We’re back.  And the main source of this inspiration is – Miss Kerry Washington in her role as Olivia Pope of Olivia Pope and Associates in the ABC premiere “Scandal” which set off serious fire alarms on millions of flat screens last night.

Kerry plays Pope a “fixer” deliciously navigating her staff of  ‘gladiator in suits’ through the nuanced world of Washington D.C. insiders.

Now the Passions isn’t only crushing hard on the obviously talented and incredibly sexy Kerry Washington.  You Passion followers in the know – know how we feel about the gorgeous Miss Washington.  And we all agree, Kerry KILLED it last night.  But let’s spread the love here.  Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes is the creative genius behind Scandal.  And props to her are definitely in order.

Shonda showed us that as a black woman in Hollywood, not only do you have to be a GREAT writer to get any play but you have to be MUCH BETTER THAN THE REST to even sit at the table.  Real talk, Ladies (& gents).  And she served it with “Grey’s Anatomy” (and with Private Practice too). But this time Shonda took a huge risk writing and developing a show starring a black woman.  Do you believe its been thirty years since a black woman starred in her own television series?  Yes it is 2012.  A little jarring and extremely sinful, isn’t it ? Anyway, so Shonda, an incredibly talented black woman writer, wrote a phenomenal script starring an incredibly talented black actress, Kerry Washington, with a storyline actually based on an incredibly successful black woman, former White House Press Agent Judy Smith who runs her own DC based crisis management firm Smith & Co.  Smith’s impressive background before becoming a “fixer” handling such high-profile cases as Monica Lewinsky, the BP Oil spill and Michael Vicks was as Deputy Press secretary under the George W. Bush administration.  This is some serious content here folks, wouldn’t you say?

So, the Passions is obviously in heaven with this lovely blend of black female beauty, power and brains – a combination that is never given enough attention and respect as far as we’re concerned.  So here we are, giving it life and love.  And, of course we have to give you a pictorial of Lady Washington to end things neatly here.  Passion crushes forever, Darlings!!!

@ the 2011 New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

Here she is promoting Scandal on 106 and Park.  I don’t know about those kids but I find Kerry’s leather skirt and her damn legs positively mesmerizing.

SMDH…..Just, beautiful……

So, peep SCANDAL on ABC on Thursday Nights.  Kerry will be bringing the heat, the drama and a killer wardrobe to match.


Rihanna shows a different side of herself? NFSW

Good Morning Babies,

So Little Miss Rihanna has been kicking up controversy lately – whether it seems to involve her latest interactions with her abusive ex, (recklessly?) exercising her freedom of expression on Twitter or flaunting some truly edgy fashion choices.  Below are some pics that have been making waves on the internet – she was spotted at one of her favorite dining hot stops in Soho rocking some Timbs, ripped jeans, and an extremely provocative sheer top.  Now the Passions loves to see our favorite crushes showing a sexier side of themselves, but even we clutched the proverbial pearls when we saw these.  We also included shots of her moving through La Guardia Airport and one of her in New Orleans where she performed at the big fundraiser Brad Pitt sponsored.

*BTW – Apologies to those who received the premature hiccup of this post before it was ready for prime time ;).


Passion Crush GABRIELLE UNION covers World’s Most Beautiful 3D Magazine (behind the scenes)

Hello My Loves,

I’d like to make your afternoon a little extra moist ;).

And if you think I’m referring to the weather, then you don’t know the Passions like you need to.  Become acquainted.

Passion Crush Gabrielle Union is covering YES, WMD: World’s Most Beautiful and we have the behind the scenes pics.  And every Passions devotee will agree, Gaby is more than an appropriate choice for such an honor.  Divine, sensual chocolate, her beauty is natural, timeless and just hot.


My personal favorite.  (super sigh…..).


2012 Essence Women of Hollywood Luncheon

And, we’re back!!!

To ease our way into the work week, here are some pics of some beautiful black Divas taken from a positive, uplifting event that took place last week (February 23rd) in Hollywood.  Yes, some of the Passion favorites are in the mix so enjoy.


Anika Noni Rose.

Miss Kerry Washington.

Kerry can do no wrong as far as the Passions is concerned :).

Viola Davis is definitely ‘serving’ with this natural look.  And we love how she’s repping it too!

(Passions Crush) Sharon Leal!

Hey Paula, are the pregnancy rumors true?  (Feeling the choice in polish color, P).

Jordin Sparks.

OMG it’s Jennifer Beals. I REALLY miss the L-Word :(.  We need to see more of you, Jennifer.  You are totally crush material here at the Passions!!!

Jilly from Philly.

Tatyana Ali.  I have to say it.  The cleavage is stunning.

Tracee Ellis Ross.

Nicole Ari Parker has gone natural too :)!

Holly Robinson Peete.

Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Lynn Whitfield.

And below are some group photos.  The Passions is ashamed that she couldn’t identify all of these talented young ladies.  If you happen to know the names of those I could not label, please, send me an email and I’ll make the correction.  Thanks, All :).

Sharon Leal, Kim Wayans, Tasha Smith, Siedah Garrett.

Naturi Naughton, Kelly Rowland, Jeanette Jenkins and Anika Noni Rose.

Vanessa Bell Calloway, Tatyana Ali, (ID please?), Jurnee Smollett, Yvette Nicole Brown.


Robyn Crawford on Whitney Houston

I’m sure many of you, like the Passions, are still filled with restless emotion and a profound sadness over Whitney’s passing.  One person that crossed my mind immediately when I heard the news, was Robyn Crawford. Esquire featured her sentiments in a moving, loving, very tender obit.

Robyn Crawford on Whitney in ESQUIRE.

Finding photos of Robyn Crawford and Whitney together is next to impossible but I managed to dig a few up.

More recent pics of Robyn and a friend.

And The Daily Beast has a rather raw portrayal of Whitney and her relationship with Robin.  I cannot begin to imagine the amount of grief Robyn must be feeling.  The Passions holds her in our prayers.  We ALL should, because losing someone whom you’ve had such a profound and deep connection with is beyond difficult to conceive.

THE DAILY BEAST: Whitney Houston:  Anatomy of  a Lesbian Rumor.

And yet, here’s another interesting look into Whitney’s and Robyn’s relationship.  The Passions is hopeful, just like many of you, that the history/herstory of their life together, no matter how complicated, will not be erased.

Article in The Daily Mail.


And below are a few more photos of our Angel, Miss Whitney Houston.  Nippy – We hope you find all the peace you deserve and more up in Heaven.


Whitney Houston: RIP 1963 – 2012

Coming here with a very heavy heart right now.

I’m just about speechless tonight, Passion-nistas.  A remarkable woman with a voice of an angel has left the building.

Whitney Houston meant so much to me – because I came “out” around the time of her very first album.

I played this album over and over and over again.  I remember listening to hidden meanings in “You Give Good Love,” and “Saving All My Love for You.”  I played her so much that my boyfriend at the time (yes, boyfriend) would hide the album from me.  I swear for God I bought it THREE times because I couldn’t find it.  He admitted to taking them later.  He must have known.  And, frankly, deep inside my heart I believed when I heard her sing these lyrics:

Never stopping, I was Always searching

For that  perfect Love

the kind


I KNEW she was talking about me.  I was convinced of this.  Whitney and me had something very special in common – and it wasn’t singing.

Whitney Houston, RIP.

Here’s Whitney doing the Star Spangled Banner like NO ONE ELSE CAN and probably never will – in 91.

Her very last performance.  So so very sad.

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