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Miss Janet Jackson’s Birthday Passion’s Party

Hey JJ Lovers,

It’s been a party over here because of Damita Joe’s born day.  Couldn’t let the week pass without posting some pics you may or may not have seen before.  Enjoy them.  Because I know the Passions is enjoying them immensely :).


Back shot anyone?  In the Passion’s mind – NO ONE can compete.

Now THIS is FACE………and that BODY…..(and them damn arms, shiiiitttt).  I’ll take the gloves and bracelet too.

Her quote about soul mates is giving me more than life.  WERK!!!

Gottdamn….this shot is saying way too many things…… 😉

Her accessories are ‘everything.’  Makes me wanna be 1 of her ‘accessories.’

Happy Birthday to the Passions All Time FAVORITE CRUSH.  Dear Miss Jackson, if you happen to pass through these pages, know that we love you fully, completely, unconditionally, sensually, erotically, intelligently, physically, relentlessly and obviously unrequited – but that’s okay  with us if it’s okay with you.  But then again, we’re always open to whatever your pleasure – trust a sister 😉


Janet Jackson in LAX Looking Luscious!!!

Good Morning Babies,

So we know I had to follow-up the Superbowl post with another post featuring the Queen of Passions crushes – MISS JANET.  We also know that Janet Jackson is promoting Nutrisystem.  Well the paps caught a glimpse of her and her ‘new body’ while she was moving through LAX the other day.  All I can say is that I wish she moves that new body all over me ;)!!!


Okay.  The boots.  Giving me LIFE!!  And the Birkin is NUTS!!!

That jacket?  Damn…..


Passion Covergirls: Janet Jackson and Kerry Washington

Well Good Morning Darlings,

Experiencing a little deja-vu this Ground Hog Day?  I hope it’s good for you :).

So our ultimate Passion crush and another favorite covered a couple of February issues.

First, Janet, of course, on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, the Indonesian edition.  Sigh.  Why do we always have to meet just in my dreams, Dunk?

Now its been said that the overseas editions are known to lighten skin tones.  So here below is the original shot.  See any difference?  Notice the red corset (double sigh…..  ;).

And guess who had a birthday yesterday?  Yes, Passion Crush Kerry Washington celebrated her 35th.  Here she is covering Essence this month.  To me, she is giving major Diahann Carroll here.  To the Passions, considering they are both from the Boogie Down, the resemblance is not coincidental 😉 ).


Janet Jackson covers Bazaar Abu Dhabi

Good Evening My Ladies (& Gents) of Leisure,

So, I’ve received a few notes alerting me to the fact that Janet was on the cover of Bazaar – Abu Dhabi.  Thank you, Dolls!!!  I love you all much for that epic heads up.  I did get that visual memo a while ago so please accept my apologies for not posting sooner.  The Passions has been laying low of late – one must do that sometimes.  But the clicks keep on clicking and I love you all for stopping by, nevertheless.

At any rate, YES, I have those photos.  And honey, you know girlfriend is looking FIERCE in them, too.  Now you KNOW if they are calling you a GODDESS in that part of the world, you KNOW you must be RUNNING some THANGS!!!  But of course she will always be the ONLY GODDESS here at the Passions ;).  Just saying.

Happy Friday Lovelies.

Just moist………


Janet Jackson in Abu Dhabi

Good Afternoon Sweet Things,

Miss Jackson dazzled a packed audience at the Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi last week.  And did you think the Passions was going to let you miss any of the pics?  Of course not 😉


Janet Jackson – the Face (& Body) of Blackgama: More Out-takes and a Vid!!!

Good Morning My Sexy Sirens,

I know that I cannot make it any clearer – that Janet Jackson infinitely reigns supreme, superior above all that I post here.  It is something you must understand if you follow the Passions.  Miss Jackson is ruling things.  Period.  The End.

K.  Now that we’ve got that established, here are some MORE outtakes of her Blackgama photo shoot along with a BONUS video of the actual shoot.  Sorry Honeys – there is no one HOTTER, SEXIER, GLAMOROUS, FABULOUS, TALENTED, SOPHISTICATED more SENSUOUS, more PLAYFUL, more NAUGHTY – I can go on but I won’t make you all suffer.  (Be still, my sweet heart and my heightened temperature and my twitching thighs and my salivating oral fixation and my over lubricating….).

Enjoy :).

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