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The 2012 Met Ball: The Passions Chocolate Edition

Good Morning Honeysuckles,

So did you miss the red carpet at the Schiaparelli And Prada: Impossible Conversations” Costume Institute Gala
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday?  Never fear – the Passions has everything important that you missed right here.

Oh to be a celebrity and get invited to all of the fabulous “IT” parties.  The pressure must be unbearable to look your absolute very best and present in top form.  How we envy it all, LOL.  Envy?  Maybe that is way too strong a word.  Instead, many of us civies prefer watching from the sidelines either analyzing, critiquing, or damn it – just admiring all the beauty.  Yes, admiring beauty, a true spectator sport.  One of the Passions favorite past times.

The Sister’s murdered it, Honeys.  The Knowles Sisters in particular were not playing.  But others like Paula P, Janelle and even Rosario Dawson served lot’s of flavor to what was otherwise a lukewarm event as far as palatable fashion goes.  What do you think?


Solange proves that you don’t always have to live behind the shadow of your bigger, more popular sister to work a carpet.  Just gorgeous!!!

Passion favorite Paula Patton was pretty fierce in pink.

Her face was BEAT!!!

Janelle Monae.  Her skin is just flawless.

Rosario served in leather.  And yes, the Passions approves.

Model Joan Smalls.  Stylish and classy.

Model Chanel Iman with Tom Ford.  Can you say, ‘Diva?’

Baby girl Rih-Rih looked amazing – hair and all.

The Passions is totally into the leather on the red carpet thing.  More please.

And who appeared to be the fav for many, was Beyonce – who kept it both sexy but classy.



Rihanna shows a different side of herself? NFSW

Good Morning Babies,

So Little Miss Rihanna has been kicking up controversy lately – whether it seems to involve her latest interactions with her abusive ex, (recklessly?) exercising her freedom of expression on Twitter or flaunting some truly edgy fashion choices.  Below are some pics that have been making waves on the internet – she was spotted at one of her favorite dining hot stops in Soho rocking some Timbs, ripped jeans, and an extremely provocative sheer top.  Now the Passions loves to see our favorite crushes showing a sexier side of themselves, but even we clutched the proverbial pearls when we saw these.  We also included shots of her moving through La Guardia Airport and one of her in New Orleans where she performed at the big fundraiser Brad Pitt sponsored.

*BTW – Apologies to those who received the premature hiccup of this post before it was ready for prime time ;).


Hump Day Honey: Beyonce in Complex

Good Morning My Libidinous Lovelies,

Ok.  So Beyonce is NOT a Passions Girl Crush. No offense, no hate.  Simply a matter of ‘preference’ and taste.  T’is all.

But, some of you are big fans.   I know this.  So, I always aim to please and when I came across these, I figured, many of you might like to see B werk in Complex. So, here she is.  She is definitely a beautiful woman, there is no doubt about it.

This is probably my favorite shot, although I’m still trying to figure out her shirt.  Is that skull and cross bones of Grace J?


Eva Marcille in Beverly Hills. Again.

Hello Lovers,

Since Ms. Eva Marcille has the hawt day job portraying Tyra Hamilton in one of the remaining soaps on daytime TV, “The Young and The Restless,” and another gig as the New Host of Oxygen’s new hit show Hair Battle Spectacular – I swear every time we see her she is shopping!!!  But don’t think for a minute the Passions is mad @ that. Must be nice. Eva can serve up as much fashion as she wants.  We LOVE it here.  Keep on serving it, Eva.


I seriously don’t know which looks better – those red Giuseppe Zanottis or those !@#$% shorts.  (Now ya’ll KNOW the Passions votes for those poom poom shorts – all DAY).

SOMEbody missed the back shot opportunity.

Now if THIS doesn’t scream “I LIKE THE LADIES,” – I don’t know what the F does!

Not entirely sure about this look.  The  shoes and bag, a yes.  The headwrap?  Meh.

A fierce sashay.


Superhead and her pretty pink dilly.

Greetings Sweethearts,

The Passions understands that chicks rocking dildos publicly is the business lately.  Superhead, which we featured earlier this week in BDSM attire – has been exploding all over the internet in her lovely nightie while strapping a pretty pink dildo.  So I decided that it was only fair that I feature her and her friend right here. Because some of you expressed an interest and because guys aren’t the only ones into chicks with dicksLadies fancy them too 🙂.   And as you know, I aim to please.  ;).  Just as I imagine Ms. Superhead does as well.

BTW – The Passions sends a big Happy Birthday Shout-out to Passions follower Cherie!!!  Happy Birthday Girl.  And may there be a nicely strapped, pretty dildo in your future (in a pretty nightie)!!!


Amber Rose shows her Fatty while frolicking Topless in Beautiful Barbados

Buenos TaTas,

Everyone is vacaying in Barbados lately.  Must be the new South Beach for those in the “know”.  The Passions had the opportunity to spend some time there a few years ago.  It’s beyond spectacular!  White sand beaches and crystal blue waters.  An island paradise.  Anyway, I came across some recent pics of Miss Amber Rose enjoying the Bajan rays shamelessly showing off her bigger, juicy fatty.  Sorry I couldn’t catch her sun burnt pierced nips but I can offer you a comparison of her bikini body now versus when she was rocking Ye back in 09.  Which version do you prefer???

Amber in 2009

Amber now,  April 2011

Personally, the Passions is ALWAYS in favor of more CUSHION for the PUSHING – but again – its a matter of TASTE 😉


The Passions Hump Day Girl Crush Edition: Who would YOU Hump?

Hey Babies,

Feeling those mid-week blahs?  Need a visual lift?  Well, I’ve got a little anecdote for you.  Here are some random pics of sexiness to sweeten your Wednesday. Who of this selection is hump worthy if you had to choose one.  Don’t be shy.  Let us know.  I won’t be mad if you kept it to yourself.  But do let your eyes and imagination take a little visual vacation for a moment.


First up: We have a new addition to the Passions Girl Crush List – Sultry Songstress Miss TAMIA  (sigh).  Talk about underrated, the woman can sing her lovely cakes off AND she’s fione.  Why doesn’t she get any shine compared to far lesser talents and far lesser beauties?  I don’t get it.  It’s just not fair.  Anyway, here are some recent  twit pics of her.  Tamia is beyond pleasing to the senses, isn’t she?  I encourage you to follow her on Twitter and play some of her music today.  Just because ;).  Her voice will put you in some kind of mood.

Next?  Here’s Gaby and some of her “girls,” at an event in Vegas.  The Passions hasn’t posted pics of Gabrielle Union in a while.  Always nice to see her and even better when she’s accompanied by a gorgeous entourage.  Don’t cha just love a chocolate girl in a yellow bikini????  😉  Gaby always makes my mouth water.

Have you heard that Lisa Raye has a new reality show coming out?  Here are some recent pics of her doing some promos.   She’s aging nicely, but sorry folks, no skin pics of LR today.  :(.  But, you can always reminisce of Passions posts of yesteryear.  Okay, just click below if you really feel cheated.

The Passions HOT posting of Lisa Raye last year – Just in case you are fiending for a little Lisa skin.

Speaking of reality shows, Toni Braxton has one coming up too featuring her and her sisters.  Despite recent challenges, Toni is still one beautiful lady and the Passions always wishes her love.  That body never quits, Toni.  Seriously.

Up next – Miss Meagan Good is on the cover of Men’s Health.  And the Passions is here to tell you, she’s not only good for Men’s Health but she is simply magical to Women’s Health too, for real!  Can I get a witness?

Eva Marcille’s here doing a little shopping and doing something that she is all too familiar with – sucking on a cherry pop.  (If I were a cherry lollipop……)

And last but not least – is Amber Rose and her twisted nips.  Just in case you missed it, Miss Honey has recently had her nips divinely penetrated with a lovely set of bar bells.  Do you love em, like em or just want to do naughty things to them 😉 ???  My imagination is all over that.  Frankly, the Passions prefers a well placed piercing to a tattoo any day.  Don’t you?

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