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A May Morning Mega Post: With Janet, Kerry, Amber and others, plus Rihanna Making it RAIN


Missing you ALL!!!

To make up for the distance, here’s a May Mega with some of the ‘usual’ Passion Crush Favorites.

What better way to start things off then with Miss Jackson, giving us fierce body after her stint with Nutrisystem.  Just staring at her makes me want to get on the system even though I don’t think I really need it.  That’s what I call MARKETING!!!!


Christina Milian is looking nice on and in Denim’s Spring Issue rocking the color block fad.


Kerry Washington’s “Scandal” is doing big things.  It could not have happened to a more accomplished, more talented, more HOTTER actress.

Keri Hilson was in Mozambique to perform for the big “Diva’s Show.”  She tweeted these pics to her fans and all we can say is “niiiiiiiiice….”

Brandy and Monica on the cover of Ebony.  Nice to see all three, Brandy, Monica and Ebony Magazine still pressing on.




Speaking of pushing, did you know that Nicki Minaj is pushing Pepsi?  Not a bad gig at all.  Think she needs a new stylist tho?

Paula Patton in People Magazine’s Most Beautiful issue sans make up.

Here’s Grace Jones performing @ AmFar.

Just looking AMAZING in her sixth decade.  WERK, gottdamnit!!!!

Amber Rose did an amazing spread for Lifestyle Mirror Magazine.  She is looking straight FABULOUS here.

From the setting, her fit, how she’s styled and even her manicure – just, BRAVO.

And last but certainly not least, our baby girl crush Miss Rihanna in New York City.


I’m sure you’ve seen, if not at least heard about her stripper pics.  Rih was at a strip joint in Queens and she tweeted these lovely gems to the people.   Had to be too many things going on up in there that night.

Yes Ladies, she is indeed a straight up “G.”


KERRY WASHINGTON Hits the sweet spot in Scandal

Well Darlings,

We’re back.  And the main source of this inspiration is – Miss Kerry Washington in her role as Olivia Pope of Olivia Pope and Associates in the ABC premiere “Scandal” which set off serious fire alarms on millions of flat screens last night.

Kerry plays Pope a “fixer” deliciously navigating her staff of  ‘gladiator in suits’ through the nuanced world of Washington D.C. insiders.

Now the Passions isn’t only crushing hard on the obviously talented and incredibly sexy Kerry Washington.  You Passion followers in the know – know how we feel about the gorgeous Miss Washington.  And we all agree, Kerry KILLED it last night.  But let’s spread the love here.  Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes is the creative genius behind Scandal.  And props to her are definitely in order.

Shonda showed us that as a black woman in Hollywood, not only do you have to be a GREAT writer to get any play but you have to be MUCH BETTER THAN THE REST to even sit at the table.  Real talk, Ladies (& gents).  And she served it with “Grey’s Anatomy” (and with Private Practice too). But this time Shonda took a huge risk writing and developing a show starring a black woman.  Do you believe its been thirty years since a black woman starred in her own television series?  Yes it is 2012.  A little jarring and extremely sinful, isn’t it ? Anyway, so Shonda, an incredibly talented black woman writer, wrote a phenomenal script starring an incredibly talented black actress, Kerry Washington, with a storyline actually based on an incredibly successful black woman, former White House Press Agent Judy Smith who runs her own DC based crisis management firm Smith & Co.  Smith’s impressive background before becoming a “fixer” handling such high-profile cases as Monica Lewinsky, the BP Oil spill and Michael Vicks was as Deputy Press secretary under the George W. Bush administration.  This is some serious content here folks, wouldn’t you say?

So, the Passions is obviously in heaven with this lovely blend of black female beauty, power and brains – a combination that is never given enough attention and respect as far as we’re concerned.  So here we are, giving it life and love.  And, of course we have to give you a pictorial of Lady Washington to end things neatly here.  Passion crushes forever, Darlings!!!

@ the 2011 New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

Here she is promoting Scandal on 106 and Park.  I don’t know about those kids but I find Kerry’s leather skirt and her damn legs positively mesmerizing.

SMDH…..Just, beautiful……

So, peep SCANDAL on ABC on Thursday Nights.  Kerry will be bringing the heat, the drama and a killer wardrobe to match.


Janet Jackson covers Bazaar Abu Dhabi

Good Evening My Ladies (& Gents) of Leisure,

So, I’ve received a few notes alerting me to the fact that Janet was on the cover of Bazaar – Abu Dhabi.  Thank you, Dolls!!!  I love you all much for that epic heads up.  I did get that visual memo a while ago so please accept my apologies for not posting sooner.  The Passions has been laying low of late – one must do that sometimes.  But the clicks keep on clicking and I love you all for stopping by, nevertheless.

At any rate, YES, I have those photos.  And honey, you know girlfriend is looking FIERCE in them, too.  Now you KNOW if they are calling you a GODDESS in that part of the world, you KNOW you must be RUNNING some THANGS!!!  But of course she will always be the ONLY GODDESS here at the Passions ;).  Just saying.

Happy Friday Lovelies.

Just moist………


Why “three” is Never a Crowd: Fierce Friday with Sanaa Lathan, Gaby Union and Ciara

Good Morning Angels,

Let’s start the weekend off with a Passions Menage :).  No, I am not suggesting that Sanaa, Gaby and Ciara hooked up.  Sigh.  Although that would be one HELLuva wet dream that the Passions would not want to wake up from.  Anyway, what I am saying is that these three gorgeous ladies were in attendance at @ REACH: 24 Photos by Richard Slavin for Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project.  These Delicious Divas prove over and over again, that Black is so Beautiful – As if you needed to be reminded.

All KINDS of fabulous-ness going on here.


Wonder what was so funny???  Hope it was sexy.

Judging by Sanaa’s reaction – I vote that it HAD to be sexy.  Just saying….

These two.  🙂

Game PROPER, Gaby.

Ciara is wearing that dress.  And those legs just say, YES!


Fierce Friday: The Passions Flaunts various Flavors of Chocolate with Jill Marie Jones, Rihanna, Stacey, Kelly and More

Good Morning Dream Boats,

Today we’ll take a random tour through the Passions celebrity world of deliciously chocolaty femininity.


We’ll start the ball rolling with Jill Marie Jones and her latest shoot.  We sure do miss Toni Childs.  The Passions will be the first in line to see that Girlfriends flick.  Whose with me?

Jill had the best lips on tv.  Those lips, Woman, those lips.

Our girl Stacey caught the Adele concert.

I hope VH1 and Single Ladies re-think their decision and ensures that Stacey will be back in action next season.  It won’t be the same without her.

Rihanna was giving it up in Norway.  Think the bruises came from some rough sex?  If so, we hope it was good for you Ri-Ri ;).

Here’s Nicole Scherzinger.  First view here @ The Passions.

She’s really here because the Passions is LOVING her shoes.

Tika Sumpter and Lala Vasquez leaving Nobu.  Don’t you just LOVE a fab sushi date? The Passions does ;).  Tika’s shoes! Tika’s shoes!

Raven is giving real woman since the weight drop.  Again with the shoes, Ladies!!!  Werk, Raven.

But why so serious, Girly?  Love the casual outfit tho.

Kelly rocking Dolce for Grazia Magazine.

Isn’t Kelly the epitome of class, refinement and sophistication without even trying?  Most can’t pull it off like she can.  Can’t touch her (although the Passions would LOVE to 😉 )


Passions Fierce Friday: Beyonce 4 Promo Pics

Well Hello Darlings,

Miz B is going hard on her new cd.  Gotta admire her work ethic.  Queen of the remix, if you stare hard enough, you might see B channeling Kelly, Solange,  Rihanna and others.  Here she is giving ‘it.’  We hope you like.


The backshot ALWAYS does it for me ;).


Passions Friday Motivation: Kelly Rowland by Derek Blanks

Good Morning Darlings,

Yes, lot’s of Kelly on these pages lately.  She’s just staying relevant for some reason.  Frankly, the Passions just LOVES her look.  Hope you do too.  This is her shoot with famed Atlanta photographer Derek Blanks.  This is a decidedly different angle of Kelly.  We love it anyway she comes.


See the rack on Kells?  Damn.

Cute leather.


And nice lips 🙂

And here is Kelly’s official video for “Motivation!”  Good weekend, Sweethearts!

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