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The Passion’s End-of-Week Round Up with Kerry, Sanaa, Ashanti, WHITNEY and more!!!

My Passion Lovers,

I hope you’re not over the Mega-posts because I’ve kinda fallen in love with them.  I figure it’s much nicer to overwhelm you with chocolatey shades of beauty instead of spacing it all out in mini-posts.

I have to start things off with Kerry again.  Kerry Washington is ‘up there’ on the Passion favorite list.  And this list is not as long as you think.  Also because she is one of those rare celebrities I happened to have met in person and trust me not only is she better in person, but yes, this one talks the talk AND walks the walk – if you know what I mean.  Lady is NO slouch.  Anyway, when I ran across this shot of her in the current issue of Details, honey, the tingly sensation that vibrated through me resonated longer than it should.  Now tell me this photo ain’t move you just a lil bit?  🙂

Gott-damn, Kerry……

Next, another Passion fav, Sanaa Lathan at a Golden Globe party.  Just an amazing beauty.

Have you heard Miss Thing is repping for Pantene?

Talk about a ‘good look.’

Have you noticed Ashanti putting an appearance here and there on the Passions, lately?  There must be a reason for it, hmmm?  Here she is at Jay-Z’s 40-40 club opening.  I shall remain speechless on that ‘buzz’ mostly because we don’t care.  But don’t she look good?  Honey is wearing that dress.

Guess what?  Going to a Knick game is in fashion!!!  Here’s Lala and CiCi showing us all why ;)!

Ciara, I really need those boots in my life.  I’ll take the bag, too.  Wait, how bout you get in the bag and I take the entire package :).  Just joking.

Who else was at the game?  Why Jessica White and her girl pal, Irina Shayk.

Boots for Days!  YAY!

Speaking of boots – here’s Amber Rose in the N.Y.C. rocking her battle gear.  Yep, she’s allegedly got a single soon to be released.  Hmmm.

Sometimes when we see Amber we’re trying to figure out whether we want to receive a hickey from her or just give her one.

For those interested on the ID on the boot, Alexander McQueen.  I need those 2.

Here’s a twit pic of Amber and Monica.  Sweet.

Now over to the west coast – Here’s Mary J on her way to a dinner double date with her hubby along with Tamar Braxton and her spouse.

See, mixing business and pleasure can be clean in Hollyhood folks.

Meagan Good at LAX.

The Passions always had a soft spot for baby-girl.  (the SKIN>>>)  She was hawt in “Jumping the Broom.”  Go check that if you haven’t already.

And the Passion’s other baby girl, Rihanna, vacationing in Hawaii.  Must be nice, wild-child.

Moving even farther West, is Serena practicing in Melbourne.  Yay!

No matter what they say, the Williams Sisters STILL run World Tennis.  They are the one’s to beat and they own the crowns to snatch.  Period.  The End.

And last but far from least, here are some pics of Whitney on the set of “Sparkle.”  Just, Wow!!!  The Passions can’t WAIT for this flick to be released!!!  We gotta support this effort!!!


Mega Post-Mega Thrills at the Passions

Good Evening Lovers,

Wondering what’s going on with some of our favorites as 2012 gets started?  Well, here we go.


Kerry Washington at the TCA Press Tour.

Kerry always looking back-a-licious.  Yep.

Here’s Christina Milian at Moon Nightclub in L.A.  Doesn’t her dress make you think of scuba diving?  Or just ‘diving? ;)’

The legs AND the shoes.  Just, damn.

The Passions has a serious shoe fetish, as many of you know.  And while on the topic of ‘Fetish’, we discovered that Eve might be the candidate replacing Stacey Dash on Single Ladies.  Guess we’ll find out soon.  She would make a decent Plan B.

In the Passions “Baby-Mama’s Edition,” – we’ve got the first sneak peak of Nia’s brand new baby boy.  Just PRECIOUS!!!!

And another Passions favorite “Baby Mama’s, ” Halle Berry took Nahla to Disney Land.  Halle’s still healing from that foot accident.

BTW – Have you heard that Halle is engaged to her guy?  Good luck with that, Love :). (we’re not sounding a bit jealous, are we??)

Like, even when dressed “down”, Halle gives the Passion’s Life she is so damn fine.

The Passions is gonna have to get on that Microdermabrasion situation, stat!  Halle’s skin is crazy.

From Passions Baby Mama’s to Passions Fine Like Wine Mama’s.

So, the First Lady really doesn’t belong in this category but we’re putting her here for a reason.  Here she is with Gabby U at the BET Honors.  Just all kinds of chocolately goodness here.

Now THIS is our version of the ONLY FIRST LADY!

We see you, Miss Patti.

With her Fur and pink Louis.  Patti Labelle is too fierce for PETA to mess with.  They best not.

And here’s Miss Ross The Boss leaving Barney’s New York in L.A.

Casual-Classy in black velour and a respectable tip for the valet in hand.  Okay???  Taking notes, Lady?

While on the topic of Ross, here’s Tracee Ellis at the BET Honors.

Kelly Rowland and Ledisi were at the BET Honors too.

And bringing up the rear is baby girl Rihanna in her recent ad for Armani.  Just raw sexiness.


A Wet and Sultry Hump Day Mega Post: With Janet, Eva, Paula, Kelly, Pilar and More

Good Morning Lovelies,

If any of you feel under the weather this morning, I’ve got something that will make you wanna be on top just to make this hump day an extra special one:  A hot, chocolately Mega Post.  Ready?


We set things in motion with Eva Marcille’s recent spread in Kontrol.  It’s kinda boy-centric, but just use your imagination and where you see a boy, just insert yourself right there and you should be fine 😉 (unless, of course you are a boy/boi 🙂 – then you’ll be just fine).  Anyways, Eva has moved away from the lighter hair tones in this and she is bringing much understated sexiness.  Not like we expected anything less from Ms. Thing.


Let’s just say, she can cut me any day.


Is Eva giving boi here or WHAT????

And while on the topic of sexiness, uhm, here’s Pilar Sanders.  Too many (good) things going on with this photo to even mention.  And I think many of you know what I mean.

Kelly Rowland is on the cover of Marie Claire with her all American Good Looks!

Just all inviting and tasty-looking.

The Passions loves a “hands & knees” shot.  Seriously.

Child, those heels on her………………….

More out takes on Ms. Smoking Hot Naughty Girl, Rihanna for Talk Talk.

Say what you want, but baby-girl’s got swagger for days.

So Paula Patton is starring in MI Ghost with Tom Cruise.  Just, fierce.  Will you look at the guns on her? Like, don’t you just LOVE a woman with good arm action?  WE do.  MUST have good arms…..sigh……

uh uh 🙂

She’s got that glow.

My libido is doing somersaults.  Janet leaving the Filimore in Miami after a show.  We’re stunting for her here at the Passions.  We wish we were there 😦

And while on the subject of Jackson-related associations, a major blast from the past – here’s Hazel Gordy, Rebbie (looking JUST like Janet) Gregory Williams from Switch and Bunny Debarge.  Who got them good genes?


Monday Morning Mega Post Madness Chocolate Overdose with Taraji, Kerry, A. Keys, Kelly, Mary J and MORE

Well Good Morning my little Snuggle Bunnies,

So the Passions is going to set the week off with a Mega Post of Chocolate Crushes.  It’s been a minute so let’s get this party started.


First, let’s go to New York City.  Such the philanthropist, last week, Alicia Keys and friends were in attendance at the 8th Annual “Keep A Child Alive,” event.  Of course the Black Star Power was in full, positive effect.

Them shoes, Alicia!  Gotta have a shoe game.

Keys is looking right.

Kerry Washington is a Socialite!  Cute cocktail dress, girl.

Lala Vasquez.  Pretty lady.  Any comments on her head gear? I don’t think she needed it.

La looks Fabulous!!!  Work that chapeau, gottdamnit.

Looking so so classy.  We know you want to tune in to Miss Thing’s talk show next year!!!  The Passions is excited for Latifah!!!  Again, she is the model of how one must pursue Hollywood successfully, flawlessly – closet or not.  Take them notes, Ladies.

Another New York City event was the “L’Oreal Legends Gala for Ovarian Cancer Research.”  Kerry Washington?  Present.  And looking tre-glam as per usual.

Ok.  So what’s right about this?  Her hair?  Check.  Her make-up?  Check.  Ms. Thing is giving crazy bone structure!!! BTW – The Passions would like to personally thank Kerry for the game proper back shot.

Taraji was at the “Legends Gala,” too.  She is tantalizing in teal.

Oh my, Taraji (clutching pearls) you are killing the back shot, too?  Too many things !!!!  Is black beautiful?

Taraji is a natural.

Michael Michelle was repping, all sleek, slender and blonde.

Say what you want, but obviously this chica’s got killer swagger.  I’m not mad at her either.

Nice!  Two of the most powerfully talented and beautiful actresses in Hollywood.  Both are pulsating with Oscar winning potential.  Just pulsating.

Looking at these shots, don’t you wish you were at the Gala?  I know I do 🙂

Amber Rose was doing promos for Smirnoff  “Master of the Mix.”

Nice glasses, Amb.

The Passions likes that she’s growing her hair out.  Not sure if she should let it get any longer tho.

Now over to the beast coast, here’s my baby’s Momma’s big sis leaving Boa Steakhouse in L.A.  Werk that bag and the gloves, Miss Thing, looking all fabulous at 60+.

That body is NOT quitting.  She is putting a hurting on that lil black dress.

Now tell me who looks this damn good at LaToya’s age?  Seriously.  The Passions is quite fond of LaToya Jackson.

Now THIS is the definition of Ab-Fab.  We’re still checking for Eddie’s x-wife.

Yes, this woman popped out FIVE kids out of THAT body.  Not bad, eh?

Nicole Murphy, Fitness Shero.

Here’s lil Miss Rihanna in her “Talk that Talk,” promo shots.

Such a naughty girl 😉

And across the Pond, Kelly Rowland at the “Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year Awards,” in London.

Mary J. taping at BBC Radio One in the U.K. looking very luscious.

Mary’s swag is so sophisticated.  Momma is looking HOT lately.


Passions Mega Post for a Titillating Tuesday: with Angela,Tika, Kelly, Eve and More.

Good Morning Kittens,

We think it’s time for a chocolate-ty Mega Post!  Don’t you?


Let’s start it off with Crush Tika Sumpter posing with her girl Lala Vasquez for Derek Blank for this “Thelma and Louise,”  inspired shoot.

Do you think they captured it?  Doesn’t matter, they look good trying.

Toni and Tamar dining out in Hollyhood.

Here’s Kelly Rowland leaving the X Factor studios making it a true Titillating Tuesday by flashing us with her glorious globes.

Momma is working the girls.  And we ain’t mad about it either.

Nicole Murphy and her babies at a local pumpkin patch in L.A.  She is SO fine.

Lot’s of ladies have been celebrating their October birthdays.  Here’s Ashanti looking radiant.

Amber Rose has an October birthday.  A couple of twitpics of her party.

Looks like she is growing out her hair.  Wonder what that will do for her look and celeb status?

There are always star-studded events going on from New York City to Los Angeles.  And some of the Passion’s favorite chocolate crushes were representing quite nicely making things all the more lovely :).

Here’s Angela Bassett attending an event at The New York Academy for the Arts.

Just gorg.

The 2011 Angel Ball was another big event.  Here’s Naomi and her billionaire.

Lala and Kim K were there.

But we think Eve ‘brung it’ looking red-hot.

Werk, Eve!

But Black Girls Rock was the hottest event last week in our opinion, bringing out lovely, feminine and of course, chocolate Star Power.

Alex Wek looking fabulous!

Doesn’t Regina King’s arms make you wanna work out with her?  Looking all nice and bronzy.

Mary J. performed.  Looking just amazing.

Course we know Erykah Badu rocked it.  Don’t care what anybody says, I love her style.  AND she’s a beautiful woman.

Tatiana Ali grew up to be a glamorous young lady.

Taraji has a special place in the heart of the Passions.  Every time we see her, we always think of her tattoo in her PETA ad.  Sigh…….

And Sharon Leal was there too – another Passions Crush.  Just LOVE her 🙂

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