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BET Awards 2012 – Passions Style – PLUS, Ms. Cissy Houston’s tribute to her Beloved Daughter Whitney

Well Hello Beautiful Ones,

Nice to see you :).  Missing you all something terrible!!!  But we’re back and on the case.  Got some images from the 2012 BET Music Awards.  We like to keep track of the Passion lovelies and other Chocolate Hollywood Honeys and here they are for your viewing pleasure.  Interested?  If so?  Enjoy :).


Eva Marcille looking just yummy.  As Always.

Angela Bassett.  Flawless.

(Mrs.) Meagan Goode.  We kind of prefer her with a shorter do, but she is still beyond beautiful.  Like, way beyond.

Ciara.  Who we prefer as a brunette.  But again, still beyond beautiful.

Regina King.  Yes :).  Black Hollywood Glamor and Sophistication.

Monica looking mature and elegant.

Team Taraji :).

Tatyana Ali has grown up right before our eyes.  Into ‘this.’ Wow.

Nicki Minaj.

The Passions has a weakness for Jeanette Jenkins.  A really bad one……

Lala Anthony and Selita Eubanks.  (i like sandwichs…tee-hee).

Kerry!!!  Doesn’t she have that ‘just rolled out of bed after being rocked,’ look going on?  We think so :).

LaToya Luckett and Michelle Williams.

Kim K and Beyonce.  Hey, that rhymes……

Melanie Fiona.

We love Tamia.  She is our favorite underrated singer.  She deserves more shine.

Lola Monroe.

Elle Varner.

Interesting Parents raise interesting Kids – and we mean that in only the best  possible way.  Willow and Jayden Smith.  Adorable.

And – to the BET Whitney Houston Tribute.  They got it RIGHT this time, folks.

Mariah Carey and Miss Cissy.


Mariah Carey tribute to Whitney Houston.

Here’s Ms. Cissy Houston’s tribute to her daughter, Whitney Houston.


A Passions Chocolate Hump Day Special: With Janet, Halle, Nia, Rihanna and More…..

Hello My Ever-Ready Bunnies,

Our favorite Passions crushes have been quite the busy bees lately.  Whether here in the States or overseas, they have been gracing the right places with their presence while striking the right poses.  So we’ve combined them all right here in this Passions Hump Day Mega-Post for your one-stop-eye-candy-shopping pleasure.  I hope your optical senses will be overwhelmed with all of this heavenly deliciousness :).


Starting stateside, first, of course we have more Janet in LA, still holding court at the proceedings of her brother’s murderer.  Check out the bag.

Next?  Has fertility looked sexier?  Nia has brought a whole new meaning to that ‘glow.’ Here she is covering Ebony.

Can she be anymore beautiful?

Here’s Amber rocking shades that I’m guessing are from her sunglass line.  That crazy design is out of this world!  Really, they are.

The glasses are fly but the boots are much flyer. Way, way flyer.

What’s not hot about a woman in tight jeans and suede, knee high, metal toe boots?  Seriously?

So we hear that Ashanti is reviving her music career.  We can’t wait to hear what she has in store.

All hot and spicy in that red 🙂

The 2011 BET Awards were last week.  Jeannette Jenkins is the ONLY one worth featuring here @ the Passions ;).  This lady is tantalizingly gorgeous.  On some ‘other’ level.  WERK.

Now we travel overseas to Spain, where Halle Berry is shooting her latest film.  Have you heard she broke her foot? :(.

Damaged foot isn’t slowing her down.  They make such a sweet family.  Nahla is getting so big!

Jen visited Kelly on the X-Factor across the Pond.

The Passions LOVES some Kells.  The arms on her.

Here’s Keri Hilson arriving in Paris last week rocking some kind of couture.

I love it when she rocks the Doc Martens.

And here she is all ‘dolled’ up.  Yum (a common description we use around these parts for this Pretty Girl).

The leather dress must be making Keri feel some kind of way if you look closer at her expression.  Hope its ‘steamy’ thoughts. Cuz we’re having them looking at her.

Miss Universe, Leila Lopes of Uganda is in Indonesia promoting her message of international peace (and international beauty).

She’s such a stunner.

And lastly we have bad girl Rihanna making it rain stout in Ireland.  She’s doing big things on her Tour.

She went blonde for the cover of Vogue UK a la Marilyn Monroe.

The woman is righteously beautiful.


Miss Angola wins Miss Universe

Good Morning Angels,

I love starting mornings with good, uplifting news.

Miss Angola, yes Angola, part of the original continent that was ravaged by the likes of colonialism among other vicious things because it is indeed the cradle of civilization, has won the 2011 Miss Universe competition.  Now, Miss Leila Lopes is an intelligent, highly poised and sophisticated young woman, who serves as a brilliant role model for some girls who unfortunately look to the whole Barbie phenomenon as the ‘ideal,’ but Leila’s looks says the rest for us here at the Passions ;).  Barbie never looked this good.  Never.


Hump Day Happiness: The Passion Picks from the BET Music Awards

Good Morning Sexy People,

Now you know I was going to have the Passion Picks up in here from the BET Music Awards.  Thank you for your patience.  We can all vote for our Passions Fashions Favs in our heads or share if you dare or – how about the Passion Hotties?  Naturally I’ve included some of our crushes, but I also included some noteworthy entries just for funsies.  Enjoy 🙂


Starting things off is one of our very special favorites, Kerry Washington.

She is always classy and delicately delicious-looking

A. Keys.

She’s a talented woman but is it Motherhood or other stuff that’s stifling her swag?  Missing her pimpalicious-ness.

Miss Kelly Rowland.  Her star is RISING!!!  Pretty in Pink.

Her performance was very JJ’s I get so Lonely-ish.  Who doesn’t love that?

The ever-so-pouty Lil Nicki.  Backshot stays proper.

Miss Keri is so very fly.

But don’t you wish her outfit killed it?  Maybe next time.

E.V.E.  Nice.  On the Passions list for the Hottest @ the BET Awards.

Eve’s edgy styles always keeps my attention.  LOVE that about her.  And she’s fione too.

Meagan always looking Good.

Jill Scott is trying to get on the Passions crush list.  She’s been looking like some creme brulee, for real.

Ooh La La.  Lala Vasquez is giving the fierceness on that green carpet.  Back shot on POINT.

She’s on the Passions List for Hottest Hottie.

Ledisi has come a long way.  Sanging at award shows AND for POTUS & FLOTUS.

The Passions admires a fierce hustle.

Toni Braxton.  I don’t know about you, but I prefer her short, natural hair.  Still looks good tho.

Tracee Ellis Ross.  Damn gurl!  That dress, the shoes and those dangnabit ghetto fab earrings?  She’s on on the damn LIST!  What?

We see you, Tracee.

Remember Ce-Ce Peniston?

Here’s Jeannette Jenkins all fit and flirty.

I heard she and the Queen are finished.  So this hottness is on the market.  Yum.

Don’t ask the Passions how she became a huge fan of Basketball Wives.

But between beauties Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Losado and this one, Miss Jennifer Williams (sigh), I would be crazy NOT to watch.

Claudia Jordan always looking like a slice of chocolate cake.

Video Vixen Angela Lola Luv.  Hmmmmm.  She on the list.  Period.

Just gorgeous for no reason.

And while on the topic of Video Vixens.

Melyssa Ford.

MC Lyte.  I hear she’s doing some things in L.A.

Wonder what her game is like out there.  Looks like a Pride hair style to me 😉

Keke Palmer.

She’s way too young to say anything inappropriate – except – (singing) “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon.”

Ok so I’m not quite sure who Teiarra Marie is, but she is ROCKING that damn hot-pants-suit.

I tossed Rocsi in here for those of you who like her ‘type.’  I will say no more.

And last but certainly not least – here is Ms. Veronika Bozeman.

I have no idea who she is.  But this delectable specimen of deliciousness is totally on the list.  Sigh.  Bald women ROCK here @ the Passions 🙂


2011 Billboard Awards Passion Crushes and others for Music Monday

Good Morning Lovers,

Did you watch the Awards last night?  I took a little peek – got bored – turned it off.  But better than a review/wrap-up I’ve got some photos of the evening that I knew my Passionistas would love.  Comments are provided.


Kelly Rowland pretty in pink.

Kelly is a true beauty.  She epitomizes Black Barbie Beauty.  Others better recognize.

Uh huh.  Beyonce might be Destiny’s Child but Kell’s got my vote for the most beautiful of the girl group hands down.

Lot’s of chatter about B’s performance last night.  Whatever the naysayers say, she puts on a helluva performance.  BTW – nice nose work.

Keri Hilson looking quite classy, like the sexy housewife meeting the Ladies for Martinis @ the ‘club.’  Hardly recognized her with the middle part.

Nicki……………IDK WHAT to say.  This here leaves me speechless.

But the back shot is proper.

Can we kill Nicki’s stylist?  Like, seriously.  This ish is just plain WRONG.  Dead wrong.

Mary J looking fantastic.

Rih and Mary J.

Say what you want but Rih BRUNG it last night.  She is rocking the HELL out of that suit.

This is what the Passions calls SWAGGER.


Just WOW @ the white leather.  P.S.  Doesn’t that belt resemble a strap-on (w/o the obvious of course)?

They say that Brit and Rih’s performance was lackluster.  If you claim to differ, let your conscience be known here.  The Passions didn’t think it necessary to post the vid.  Figured the pics were good enuf :).

The customary kiss of controversy – but didn’t attract wide spread media attention.  Guess we all got used to two girls kissing each other on national tv.


Janet Jackson at the 2010 Women of the Year Gala

Glamour Magazine honored the Passions Favorite Diva, Miss Jackson at their 2010 Women of the Year Gala at Carnegie Hall last night.  Can I say that I absolutely LOVE her new look, her fabulous short do and her extremely elegant wardrobe choices.  Janet, the Passions will never stop loving you!!!  (& BTW, can I drink champagne out of your shoes, Dunk????  DAMN.)

And here’s the vid of her Acceptance Speech.  Just…FLAWLESS.


BET Honors

The highlight was the fact that BET honored Miss Whitney Houston.  Let’s be thankful we still have her here with us – proving that great things are possible – even as we wrestle with our inner demons.  I’ve got lot’s of respect for Nippy but you gotta wonder – is this what the closet can do to you???  Just asking.

HOWEVER, who was giving off the heat?  I’m going for the chocolately, sensuousness of Gabrielle Union.  I’ve had a weakness for her for a while that just won’t let go.  Don’t listen to ’em.  GIVE IT, GABBY!

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