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BET Awards 2012 – Passions Style – PLUS, Ms. Cissy Houston’s tribute to her Beloved Daughter Whitney

Well Hello Beautiful Ones,

Nice to see you :).  Missing you all something terrible!!!  But we’re back and on the case.  Got some images from the 2012 BET Music Awards.  We like to keep track of the Passion lovelies and other Chocolate Hollywood Honeys and here they are for your viewing pleasure.  Interested?  If so?  Enjoy :).


Eva Marcille looking just yummy.  As Always.

Angela Bassett.  Flawless.

(Mrs.) Meagan Goode.  We kind of prefer her with a shorter do, but she is still beyond beautiful.  Like, way beyond.

Ciara.  Who we prefer as a brunette.  But again, still beyond beautiful.

Regina King.  Yes :).  Black Hollywood Glamor and Sophistication.

Monica looking mature and elegant.

Team Taraji :).

Tatyana Ali has grown up right before our eyes.  Into ‘this.’ Wow.

Nicki Minaj.

The Passions has a weakness for Jeanette Jenkins.  A really bad one……

Lala Anthony and Selita Eubanks.  (i like sandwichs…tee-hee).

Kerry!!!  Doesn’t she have that ‘just rolled out of bed after being rocked,’ look going on?  We think so :).

LaToya Luckett and Michelle Williams.

Kim K and Beyonce.  Hey, that rhymes……

Melanie Fiona.

We love Tamia.  She is our favorite underrated singer.  She deserves more shine.

Lola Monroe.

Elle Varner.

Interesting Parents raise interesting Kids – and we mean that in only the best  possible way.  Willow and Jayden Smith.  Adorable.

And – to the BET Whitney Houston Tribute.  They got it RIGHT this time, folks.

Mariah Carey and Miss Cissy.


Mariah Carey tribute to Whitney Houston.

Here’s Ms. Cissy Houston’s tribute to her daughter, Whitney Houston.


FREE POST: Some of the Passion’s Favorite Crushes for Famous, Fierce FRIDAY: Pam, Halle, Eva, Kelly, Paula and Angela

Good Morning my Divine, Delicious Darlings,

Today I wanted to keep the commentary brief and just post some of the finest chocolate we feature at the Passions.  Me thinks most of you have not seen many of these before – so – enjoy.   And Happy Friday.




A Wet and Sultry Hump Day Mega Post: With Janet, Eva, Paula, Kelly, Pilar and More

Good Morning Lovelies,

If any of you feel under the weather this morning, I’ve got something that will make you wanna be on top just to make this hump day an extra special one:  A hot, chocolately Mega Post.  Ready?


We set things in motion with Eva Marcille’s recent spread in Kontrol.  It’s kinda boy-centric, but just use your imagination and where you see a boy, just insert yourself right there and you should be fine 😉 (unless, of course you are a boy/boi 🙂 – then you’ll be just fine).  Anyways, Eva has moved away from the lighter hair tones in this and she is bringing much understated sexiness.  Not like we expected anything less from Ms. Thing.


Let’s just say, she can cut me any day.


Is Eva giving boi here or WHAT????

And while on the topic of sexiness, uhm, here’s Pilar Sanders.  Too many (good) things going on with this photo to even mention.  And I think many of you know what I mean.

Kelly Rowland is on the cover of Marie Claire with her all American Good Looks!

Just all inviting and tasty-looking.

The Passions loves a “hands & knees” shot.  Seriously.

Child, those heels on her………………….

More out takes on Ms. Smoking Hot Naughty Girl, Rihanna for Talk Talk.

Say what you want, but baby-girl’s got swagger for days.

So Paula Patton is starring in MI Ghost with Tom Cruise.  Just, fierce.  Will you look at the guns on her? Like, don’t you just LOVE a woman with good arm action?  WE do.  MUST have good arms…..sigh……

uh uh 🙂

She’s got that glow.

My libido is doing somersaults.  Janet leaving the Filimore in Miami after a show.  We’re stunting for her here at the Passions.  We wish we were there 😦

And while on the subject of Jackson-related associations, a major blast from the past – here’s Hazel Gordy, Rebbie (looking JUST like Janet) Gregory Williams from Switch and Bunny Debarge.  Who got them good genes?


The Passions BODY Edition with Eva Marcille and Melyssa Ford

Good Morning Cupcakes and Stud Muffins!!!

The Passions is going to start the week off with the BODY Edition.  What exactly is the BODY Edition, you ask?  Well, take a gander @ the photos below and you decide.  Let these hot bodies be an inspiration to you in some way or form.

First?  Sigh…..EVA.  The legs are killing it.  I’m checking for the shorts AND those shoes :).

Love the big earring trend, despite the fact they would clearly split my lobes apart.  Ahhh, what we do in the name of FASHION!  I could probably get down with the bulky ring thing instead, for funsies.

Eva reminding us why they’re called “shorts.”  Sister to the right of her seems to agree with her side-eye, lol!

Video Vixen Melyssa Ford was caught working it out.

Okay, the Passions is the Queen of backshots.  And Melyssa is repping it big time.  Thank you, Melyssa ;).

Now ladies, you don’t have to be ‘homo’ to appreciate this supremely divine behind.

THIS right here, should be the end result of my work-out.  Toned, curvaceous deliciousness.  Can I get a witness?


The Passions Hot Chocolate Monday Edition: With Kerry, Kelly, Nia, Ciara, Kelis and Eva

Good Morning (Fem) Queens and (drag) Kings and everybody else outside and in between (yes, you CAN sing it),

So the Passions has been feeling Hot Chocolate Mondays.  We hope you are too.

The Emmy’s were last night.  As we all know, there is never much color love on this particular Award Show, but, of course the Passions has managed to snag a few pics related to the event of those chocolate celebrities that matter to our loyal followers.

First, Kerry Washington – who by far bested every celebrity at the bland Award Show as Best Dressed and the Most Beautiful.  She is positively electrifying and she gave every single woman there a run for their money.  This, my Passion Darlings, is Hollywood elegance at it’s finest.  Let’s act like we know.

Lot’s of Pre-Emmy Shows.  Nia Long was among the attendees.  Isn’t she just glowing!!!

Not many can make being pregnant look sexy.  Nia has done it flawlessly.  Take good notes, please ;)!

Eva Marcille at the gifting suite.

Kelly Rowland pushing Puff’s newest scent, “Empress.”

The woman is the epitome of gorgeousness.

Hair long or short, she sets the bar high.

Here’s CiCi in Beverly Hills (notice big fan smile behind her…..YES, we see HER too)

Can Black Beauty get any more natural than Ciara?  WERK, girlfriend.  Cute sandals.

Kelis rules Europe where they love her.  Her bod is amazing.

Getting her grown woman on, for real.

And lastly, Amber Rose in Ghana.  Why is she there, you ask?  Don’t know but here she is with some fans.


The Passions Hot Chocolate Monday Edition with Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan and More

Good Day on a Monday Morning Beautiful People,

Time to bring you up to speed with a mini-Mega post of Passion Crush favorites because it’s been a minute.

Starting us off is Angela Bassett who is returning to the stage in October in Katori Hall’s “The Mountain Top,” at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater in New York City.  I understand performances will begin prior to the opening in a few weeks so please check that and also check out the classically gorgeous, sophisticated, elegant Ms. Bassett below at a pre-show soiree.

Rihanna prior to some photoshoot.  Her follicles are much more tamer these days.

Jessica White rocking some shoes of LIFE!!!  Gimme those, Jessica!  Nothing like a fly shoe game.

Halle and her man Oliver Martinez.  Is it me or were they separated @ birth, looking like alter egos and ‘erthing?

Halle’s been getting some flack about the fact that she stays in those shorts.  But I love ’em.  The woman looks good in almost anything she has on. Besides, the Passions will never pass on a pair of amazing legs.  Never!

Sanaa Lathan at the Contagion opening this weekend.

She is certainly another one with those “classic” good looks.  She hardly ever takes a bad photo.

Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at my Pain,” drew some Black Star Power.  And naturally the Passions is only concerned with the female Black Star Power.  Gaby Union was there in this HOT black leather dress.  Yes, Leather….. 😉

Eva Marcille was there.  She toned down her follicles as well.  As always, looking marvelous. And we LOVE the dress.

Jeannette Jenkins is becoming a crush favorite for more reasons than I care to admit.  She is such a positive sister, clearly she is one class act.

The U.S. Open also attracted it’s fair share of Black Star Power.  Here’s Selita Eubanks looking just kissable.

And of course Ciara was in the House supporting her girl Serena Williams.


Eva Marcille sits for Walid Azami

Well Good Morning you Gorgeous Specimens,

Hope your weekend was hot and sticky enough for you.  Speaking of hot and sticky, this morning, the Passions is saluting one of her favorite girl crushes, Ms. Eva Marcille Pigford.  As you may have noticed here, she has been quite the busy little bunny posing her beautiful buns everywhere.  Here she sat for famed fashion photographer Walid Azami. Now tell me this woman ain’t fine.


Yes, EVERYONE knows the Passions has a thing for pierced Nips.  No surprise Eva is rocking them lovely, sigh.  Doesn’t it make you positively moist?  Don’t it stir that oral fixation you’ve been hiding?  Yum.

And who said smokings’ not sexy?

Pretty in that jade green.


Fatties 🙂

Just Gorgeous.

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