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Miss Janet Jackson’s Birthday Passion’s Party

Hey JJ Lovers,

It’s been a party over here because of Damita Joe’s born day.  Couldn’t let the week pass without posting some pics you may or may not have seen before.  Enjoy them.  Because I know the Passions is enjoying them immensely :).


Back shot anyone?  In the Passion’s mind – NO ONE can compete.

Now THIS is FACE………and that BODY…..(and them damn arms, shiiiitttt).  I’ll take the gloves and bracelet too.

Her quote about soul mates is giving me more than life.  WERK!!!

Gottdamn….this shot is saying way too many things…… 😉

Her accessories are ‘everything.’  Makes me wanna be 1 of her ‘accessories.’

Happy Birthday to the Passions All Time FAVORITE CRUSH.  Dear Miss Jackson, if you happen to pass through these pages, know that we love you fully, completely, unconditionally, sensually, erotically, intelligently, physically, relentlessly and obviously unrequited – but that’s okay  with us if it’s okay with you.  But then again, we’re always open to whatever your pleasure – trust a sister 😉


A May Morning Mega Post: With Janet, Kerry, Amber and others, plus Rihanna Making it RAIN


Missing you ALL!!!

To make up for the distance, here’s a May Mega with some of the ‘usual’ Passion Crush Favorites.

What better way to start things off then with Miss Jackson, giving us fierce body after her stint with Nutrisystem.  Just staring at her makes me want to get on the system even though I don’t think I really need it.  That’s what I call MARKETING!!!!


Christina Milian is looking nice on and in Denim’s Spring Issue rocking the color block fad.


Kerry Washington’s “Scandal” is doing big things.  It could not have happened to a more accomplished, more talented, more HOTTER actress.

Keri Hilson was in Mozambique to perform for the big “Diva’s Show.”  She tweeted these pics to her fans and all we can say is “niiiiiiiiice….”

Brandy and Monica on the cover of Ebony.  Nice to see all three, Brandy, Monica and Ebony Magazine still pressing on.




Speaking of pushing, did you know that Nicki Minaj is pushing Pepsi?  Not a bad gig at all.  Think she needs a new stylist tho?

Paula Patton in People Magazine’s Most Beautiful issue sans make up.

Here’s Grace Jones performing @ AmFar.

Just looking AMAZING in her sixth decade.  WERK, gottdamnit!!!!

Amber Rose did an amazing spread for Lifestyle Mirror Magazine.  She is looking straight FABULOUS here.

From the setting, her fit, how she’s styled and even her manicure – just, BRAVO.

And last but certainly not least, our baby girl crush Miss Rihanna in New York City.


I’m sure you’ve seen, if not at least heard about her stripper pics.  Rih was at a strip joint in Queens and she tweeted these lovely gems to the people.   Had to be too many things going on up in there that night.

Yes Ladies, she is indeed a straight up “G.”


Janet Jackson in LAX Looking Luscious!!!

Good Morning Babies,

So we know I had to follow-up the Superbowl post with another post featuring the Queen of Passions crushes – MISS JANET.  We also know that Janet Jackson is promoting Nutrisystem.  Well the paps caught a glimpse of her and her ‘new body’ while she was moving through LAX the other day.  All I can say is that I wish she moves that new body all over me ;)!!!


Okay.  The boots.  Giving me LIFE!!  And the Birkin is NUTS!!!

That jacket?  Damn…..


Janet Jackson’s 2004 Superbowl Half-Time Performance and the Giants Win 2012!!!

Good Morning Babies,

No one will ever upstage the Queen of the Passions Crush, Ladies and Gents.  Just to refresh your memory, here’s Miss Jackson’s (yes Miss Jackson, gottdamnit) AMAZING 2004 Superbowl Half-time Performance, proving that SEXY WINS EVERY TIME!!!!  Forget all the friggin rest.

Continue reading ‘Janet Jackson’s 2004 Superbowl Half-Time Performance and the Giants Win 2012!!!’


Passion Covergirls: Janet Jackson and Kerry Washington

Well Good Morning Darlings,

Experiencing a little deja-vu this Ground Hog Day?  I hope it’s good for you :).

So our ultimate Passion crush and another favorite covered a couple of February issues.

First, Janet, of course, on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, the Indonesian edition.  Sigh.  Why do we always have to meet just in my dreams, Dunk?

Now its been said that the overseas editions are known to lighten skin tones.  So here below is the original shot.  See any difference?  Notice the red corset (double sigh…..  ;).

And guess who had a birthday yesterday?  Yes, Passion Crush Kerry Washington celebrated her 35th.  Here she is covering Essence this month.  To me, she is giving major Diahann Carroll here.  To the Passions, considering they are both from the Boogie Down, the resemblance is not coincidental 😉 ).


Happy New Year: Here’s to 2012

Welcome to 2012,

We’re going to start you off with some of our favorite crushes of 2011 and show you how some of ’em finished in 11.

Kelis and Kelly setting things off in the new Hunger magazine.

Kelis is just fierce to me.  Always loved her style.

Yeeeeessssss, Kelly.

Aisha Tyler is the package.  Brains, Beauty and she can rock a sequin shorts jumper like nobody’s business.  Here she is on the red carpet for the Dragon Tattoo premier.

Jill Marie Jones at a Toys for Tots event.  The Show Girlfriends wasn’t the same without her.  She’s still fine.

Christina Milian hanging in West Holly.

We never tire of extra tight jeans and frilly leather jackets on some people.  Christina is one of those people.

Halle has been MIA for a minute.

Glad she came out of hiding looking incredible as always.  Skin, hair, the understated but tasteful casual gear.  We heart her big time.

My future wife is repping Nutrisystem.  As always, looking like divine deliciousness :).

There is not a ton of love for Keri on the blogosphere, but we here at the Passions will stay crushing on this pretty girl.

The skin people, the skin!

Sentiments are the same for CiCi.  Here she is busting moves in the kitchen making Xmas dinner.  She can cook for the Passions any darn day.  Cute.

Paula P was kicking the end of 11’s ass with all the promo for MI.  And the Passions can’t get enough.  Here she is posing for GQ.

We love when celebs share on Twitter. Here’s Serena looking like the several millions she’s worth.  Can you say H.O.T.?

Tamia tweeted this pic of herself.  She is coming out with a new CD in February.  You best be on it like I will be.  She is at the top of the list of one of the most underrated entertainers.  And she’s gorge.

Gabby tweeted this pic – she’s chilling with some friends.  She is rolling just how the Passions likes to roll – with a bed FULL of WOMEN!!!  We see you, Gabby ;).

Gotta throw in a couple of NYE party pics.

Here’s Nicki Minaj and Fergie at Dick Clark’s rocking eve.  I’ll just take Nicki’s boots, please.

Rih-Rih was hanging @ Diddy’s Ciroc party in Miami.  Good dress choice….(sigh)……And the shoes don’t suck either.

Kim Porter and Nene.

Celebs celebrating the holidays with their families is always a great thing.  Here’s Angela Bassett and her’s in front of the marquee of her awesome new play “Mountaintop.”  Beautiful black people!

Alicia and her fam at a Knicks game showing both her husband and her son that she can rock sneaks better than they can :).

Tracee Ellis Ross and her siblings in Aspen.  BTW, a small forest was killed to create Tracee’s fit.

Melody Hobson and her billionaire and family spending their holiday in where else?  St. Barts.  Star Wars forever!

And our favorite family, the FIRST Family.

Looking forward to a FABULOUS 2012 Passions People!!!


A Wet and Sultry Hump Day Mega Post: With Janet, Eva, Paula, Kelly, Pilar and More

Good Morning Lovelies,

If any of you feel under the weather this morning, I’ve got something that will make you wanna be on top just to make this hump day an extra special one:  A hot, chocolately Mega Post.  Ready?


We set things in motion with Eva Marcille’s recent spread in Kontrol.  It’s kinda boy-centric, but just use your imagination and where you see a boy, just insert yourself right there and you should be fine 😉 (unless, of course you are a boy/boi 🙂 – then you’ll be just fine).  Anyways, Eva has moved away from the lighter hair tones in this and she is bringing much understated sexiness.  Not like we expected anything less from Ms. Thing.


Let’s just say, she can cut me any day.


Is Eva giving boi here or WHAT????

And while on the topic of sexiness, uhm, here’s Pilar Sanders.  Too many (good) things going on with this photo to even mention.  And I think many of you know what I mean.

Kelly Rowland is on the cover of Marie Claire with her all American Good Looks!

Just all inviting and tasty-looking.

The Passions loves a “hands & knees” shot.  Seriously.

Child, those heels on her………………….

More out takes on Ms. Smoking Hot Naughty Girl, Rihanna for Talk Talk.

Say what you want, but baby-girl’s got swagger for days.

So Paula Patton is starring in MI Ghost with Tom Cruise.  Just, fierce.  Will you look at the guns on her? Like, don’t you just LOVE a woman with good arm action?  WE do.  MUST have good arms…..sigh……

uh uh 🙂

She’s got that glow.

My libido is doing somersaults.  Janet leaving the Filimore in Miami after a show.  We’re stunting for her here at the Passions.  We wish we were there 😦

And while on the subject of Jackson-related associations, a major blast from the past – here’s Hazel Gordy, Rebbie (looking JUST like Janet) Gregory Williams from Switch and Bunny Debarge.  Who got them good genes?

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