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Rihanna’s Deliciously Sexy Shoot with Famed Photographer Terry Richardson

Greetings My Sweet Buttercups,

Yes, Say what you want but the Passions remains totally crushed out on Baby Girl Little Miss Rihanna.  She’s just incredibly gorgeous to me.

So she sat for ‘controversial’ photographer Terry Richardson and the results are just ridiculous for all the correct reasons.  This child has legs for days and the sexy is just out of control.  Oh, to be 23.



Ciara and Kelly Rowland: Down-low Suspects or Just Guilty by Association?

Good Morning my Delicate Delicious Darlings,

So, a couple of the Passion’s crushes have been “accused” (and yes, accusations sound so terribly criminal) of outwardly dating other women.  Now of course the Passions positively loves the possibilities of these so-called accusations being true. However, in this day and age, why isn’t it okay for women, regardless of their orientation, to just hang-out together without having their social interactions labeled (maybe because it’s hella HOT)?  Below are two examples.

First, Ciara.

A while back, Ciara took in a game with Lala Vasquez’s openly gay cousin Dice.  Were they on a date or just chilling?  I have heard that the two had a little something-something going on for a hot minute.  The Passions has no idea and no real way of verifying. But is it possible?  HELL YEAH! (see a certain Amber Rose post the Passions  made a while back for a different side of Ciara.)

This recent pic shows CiCi with choreographer Jamaica.  It was suggested that she might be judged by the company she keeps as Jamaica has a thing for the ladies.  The Passions can’t say for sure but we certainly wouldn’t mind Ciara playing on #teamgirls for real!!!  The evidence mounts and all we can say, Ciara, is do you, girl. Do YOU!

Next, we’re going in a little deeper into this pool of gorgeous celebrity-fabulousness.  These two kept gossip sites whispering about their public showing at the VMA’s.  The Goddess and fitness guru Jeannette Jenkins with one of the Passions favs, Miss Kelly Rowland.  The commentary is a little wack though one can’t help but over examine their closeness.

Jeannette (swagger) tweeted this beautiful pic of the two at the show.  Platonic or something deeper? Whatever it is, they sure look cute together!

Or could it just be they are business associates?  Jeannette and Kelly joined forces and did a Power Yoga video together.  Trust, I will have one in my possession stat! And darlings, you should too!!!

The Passions’ overall position is this – celebrities should be able to hang-out with lesbians WITHOUT it automatically being assumed that the two are ‘together.’  If these ladies are just hanging, it is an amazingly awesome thing.  If they are together, it is an amazingly awesome thing.  Regardless – it all represents Girl Power, right?  But in the meantime, we can have our fantasies.  But judging from these photos Ladies, what say you?  ;).  Don’t be shy, let us know what you’re thinking, feeling.


R&B’s Bad Girl Rihanna and another Mag Spread

Good Morning Kittens,

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  Isn’t the weather just delicious?

Bad Girl Rihanna did a spread for Glamour.  And wouldn’t you know it she looks positively glamorous?  🙂




Her name is Keri, she’s so very……

Good Morning Wet Ones,

So Miss Keri has been in New York City doing the promo-magazine stroll.  Nice for her.  Because she is a Passions Crush and I have to say I do love her fashion choices.  They have that fem-aggressive undertow, if you get my drift.  I love it when people self express through their wardrobe consciously or subconsciously.  At any rate, she picked up some heat on the internet about a picture she tweeted from some party.  I’ve included the pic below but decided not to include her comment.  Sure, her timing was not very forgiving, but, we all make mistakes.  And so, the Passions is #teamkeri.  We trust she’ll think before she tweets next time.  We all should ;).

Damn it this woman’s bag game is tight.

Isn’t this pretty girl sexy as HELL???

Now THIS bag, right here, I wanna snatch from her.  (don’t you just LOVE that word 😉 )

Here’s the guilty party…………


Da Brat Fems it up for Vibe – Pitbull in a Skirt?

Good Morning Sweet Peaches,

So after “paying her debt to society,” Da  Brat is incorporating herself back into said society in a startling, interesting way.  She posed for Vibe Magazine in drag – the piece includes an interview of her chatting up the virtues of how she embraces her femininity.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this, short of – if she really feels this way about herself and she isn’t doing it for any amount of currency (social, relevant or monetary) – then I throw my support behind her.  Must admit, even though I’ve always loved her boy/braid swagger, she looks hella cute here.  The Passions doesn’t mind certain kinds of chicks with dicks either – IF you know what I mean 😉


The Passions Random Acts of Chocolate of All Flavors: 4th of July Special with Janet, Halle, Rihanna & More

Good Morning Firecrackers,

So with another holiday weekend among us, I figured I would leave you with a Mega Post of Random Acts of Chocolatey Goodness because I’m afraid The Passions will be stationed on the beach flashing her thong-thong-thong-thong-thong for a few days and has no plans for coming up for air (if you get my drift ;).  So this here is the hook-up and I hope to feel your lovely clicks now and throughout the weekend.  Happy Fireworks, Baby!!!  Have a joyful, explosive weekend and may it exceed your expectations.


We begin with our girl Rihanna playing at the Staples Center.  Is she becoming the Queen of the Crotch shot?  We likes, but just saying.

Ri Ri rocking OUT!


Here’s recent pics of Halle going to court in L.A.  Her custody battle is obviously taking a toll on her.  She still fine tho.

We hope everything works out for her.  Proof $$$ can’t always provide happiness.  Trust and believe.

Jada Pinkett-Smith has got some kind of PR machine behind her.  She is promoting Hawthrone like crazy.

It ain’t random acts of chocolate without Kelly Rowland and her super-duper-fly self. Here she is in her second home, Europe.  She is just gorgeous.  Period.  (Feeling the wrist accessory, Kels)

Taraji Henson and Selita Eubanks at the Larry Crown premiere.  Both are easy on the eyes and would probably do the same to the palate 😉

A. Keys looking kinda hot with her wax figure @ Madame Tussauds.  Question is, whose got more swag?  Alicia or her twin?  🙂

Keys is killing it here.

Since the Passions is now a fan of The Basketball Wives reality series, Imma post pics of ’em.  Here’s the controversial Royce on her born day looking better than usual, with her petite self.

Raven Simone leaving NBC Studios.  Like her new skinny ‘look’?

Jilly from Philly.  I used to make jokes about Jill Scott always singing about food.  Now she looks like food.  Yum-me.

So we haven’t seen Amber ’round these parts lately (cuz she’s always in pics w/Wiz.  Sorry Amber, he’s just not cute enough nor is he fem enough to appear on these pages).  Anyway, here she is at the BET Awards pre-party.  Now you might be wondering if the Passions has in her possession those controversial nude pics of Amber that everybody’s been talking about lately.  Well, I do.  And they are WAY better than I expected.  Will I release them on here?  No Ma’am.  Would you believe they are way too risque for prime time (not for moi, but for the pages of Lust Noir, yes.  Sorry.)   But if you’re nice to me, I could be persuaded to send them to you privately.  Cuz I’m like that 😉

From those pics, I imagine Amber must be just as creamy as she looks.

LaToya’s got a book out about moving on after Michael’s death.  She’s the age of some people’s grandmommy’s!!! Got those ‘good’ genes.

And LaToya’s baby sister, you know the one that I am lustfully in love with?  Well, here is Jan “doing it in Paris” at the Olympia.

The Passions can’t get enough of Janet and her white leather…..sigh.

Doesn’t she look like she’s channeling Michael here?

Oh my.  The cakes on dunk.  Damn, damn, damn!!!!  And those boots are smoking too.



Janet Jackson in Copenhagen and Happy (SEXY) Summer!!!

Good Morning My Little Sex Machines,

Our ultimate crush is doing her thing in Scandinavia.  And of course the Passions has the pictures to prove it.  Skaal!


LOVING the cat collar.  MEEOOWW :).  And the cuff-like bracelets are kinda hot too, Jan.

Her choreographer on all fours.  Don’t we miss Ms. Tina?


Okay.  What I wouldn’t do to get that buckle (and what’s behind it) within legal limits of course 🙂

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