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Mega Post-Mega Thrills at the Passions

Good Evening Lovers,

Wondering what’s going on with some of our favorites as 2012 gets started?  Well, here we go.


Kerry Washington at the TCA Press Tour.

Kerry always looking back-a-licious.  Yep.

Here’s Christina Milian at Moon Nightclub in L.A.  Doesn’t her dress make you think of scuba diving?  Or just ‘diving? ;)’

The legs AND the shoes.  Just, damn.

The Passions has a serious shoe fetish, as many of you know.  And while on the topic of ‘Fetish’, we discovered that Eve might be the candidate replacing Stacey Dash on Single Ladies.  Guess we’ll find out soon.  She would make a decent Plan B.

In the Passions “Baby-Mama’s Edition,” – we’ve got the first sneak peak of Nia’s brand new baby boy.  Just PRECIOUS!!!!

And another Passions favorite “Baby Mama’s, ” Halle Berry took Nahla to Disney Land.  Halle’s still healing from that foot accident.

BTW – Have you heard that Halle is engaged to her guy?  Good luck with that, Love :). (we’re not sounding a bit jealous, are we??)

Like, even when dressed “down”, Halle gives the Passion’s Life she is so damn fine.

The Passions is gonna have to get on that Microdermabrasion situation, stat!  Halle’s skin is crazy.

From Passions Baby Mama’s to Passions Fine Like Wine Mama’s.

So, the First Lady really doesn’t belong in this category but we’re putting her here for a reason.  Here she is with Gabby U at the BET Honors.  Just all kinds of chocolately goodness here.

Now THIS is our version of the ONLY FIRST LADY!

We see you, Miss Patti.

With her Fur and pink Louis.  Patti Labelle is too fierce for PETA to mess with.  They best not.

And here’s Miss Ross The Boss leaving Barney’s New York in L.A.

Casual-Classy in black velour and a respectable tip for the valet in hand.  Okay???  Taking notes, Lady?

While on the topic of Ross, here’s Tracee Ellis at the BET Honors.

Kelly Rowland and Ledisi were at the BET Honors too.

And bringing up the rear is baby girl Rihanna in her recent ad for Armani.  Just raw sexiness.


A Passions Chocolate Hump Day Special: With Janet, Halle, Nia, Rihanna and More…..

Hello My Ever-Ready Bunnies,

Our favorite Passions crushes have been quite the busy bees lately.  Whether here in the States or overseas, they have been gracing the right places with their presence while striking the right poses.  So we’ve combined them all right here in this Passions Hump Day Mega-Post for your one-stop-eye-candy-shopping pleasure.  I hope your optical senses will be overwhelmed with all of this heavenly deliciousness :).


Starting stateside, first, of course we have more Janet in LA, still holding court at the proceedings of her brother’s murderer.  Check out the bag.

Next?  Has fertility looked sexier?  Nia has brought a whole new meaning to that ‘glow.’ Here she is covering Ebony.

Can she be anymore beautiful?

Here’s Amber rocking shades that I’m guessing are from her sunglass line.  That crazy design is out of this world!  Really, they are.

The glasses are fly but the boots are much flyer. Way, way flyer.

What’s not hot about a woman in tight jeans and suede, knee high, metal toe boots?  Seriously?

So we hear that Ashanti is reviving her music career.  We can’t wait to hear what she has in store.

All hot and spicy in that red 🙂

The 2011 BET Awards were last week.  Jeannette Jenkins is the ONLY one worth featuring here @ the Passions ;).  This lady is tantalizingly gorgeous.  On some ‘other’ level.  WERK.

Now we travel overseas to Spain, where Halle Berry is shooting her latest film.  Have you heard she broke her foot? :(.

Damaged foot isn’t slowing her down.  They make such a sweet family.  Nahla is getting so big!

Jen visited Kelly on the X-Factor across the Pond.

The Passions LOVES some Kells.  The arms on her.

Here’s Keri Hilson arriving in Paris last week rocking some kind of couture.

I love it when she rocks the Doc Martens.

And here she is all ‘dolled’ up.  Yum (a common description we use around these parts for this Pretty Girl).

The leather dress must be making Keri feel some kind of way if you look closer at her expression.  Hope its ‘steamy’ thoughts. Cuz we’re having them looking at her.

Miss Universe, Leila Lopes of Uganda is in Indonesia promoting her message of international peace (and international beauty).

She’s such a stunner.

And lastly we have bad girl Rihanna making it rain stout in Ireland.  She’s doing big things on her Tour.

She went blonde for the cover of Vogue UK a la Marilyn Monroe.

The woman is righteously beautiful.


The Passions Hot Chocolate Monday Edition: With Kerry, Kelly, Nia, Ciara, Kelis and Eva

Good Morning (Fem) Queens and (drag) Kings and everybody else outside and in between (yes, you CAN sing it),

So the Passions has been feeling Hot Chocolate Mondays.  We hope you are too.

The Emmy’s were last night.  As we all know, there is never much color love on this particular Award Show, but, of course the Passions has managed to snag a few pics related to the event of those chocolate celebrities that matter to our loyal followers.

First, Kerry Washington – who by far bested every celebrity at the bland Award Show as Best Dressed and the Most Beautiful.  She is positively electrifying and she gave every single woman there a run for their money.  This, my Passion Darlings, is Hollywood elegance at it’s finest.  Let’s act like we know.

Lot’s of Pre-Emmy Shows.  Nia Long was among the attendees.  Isn’t she just glowing!!!

Not many can make being pregnant look sexy.  Nia has done it flawlessly.  Take good notes, please ;)!

Eva Marcille at the gifting suite.

Kelly Rowland pushing Puff’s newest scent, “Empress.”

The woman is the epitome of gorgeousness.

Hair long or short, she sets the bar high.

Here’s CiCi in Beverly Hills (notice big fan smile behind her…..YES, we see HER too)

Can Black Beauty get any more natural than Ciara?  WERK, girlfriend.  Cute sandals.

Kelis rules Europe where they love her.  Her bod is amazing.

Getting her grown woman on, for real.

And lastly, Amber Rose in Ghana.  Why is she there, you ask?  Don’t know but here she is with some fans.


Happiness is Hump Day @ the Passions with Nia Long, DC, Gaby, Ciara & J Lo,

Good Morning My Sugary Sweet Skittles,

I figured on this HOT Chocolate Hump Day I’ll catch you up on the daily lives of some of our celebrity Passion crushes:


Let’s start the party with the divine Miss Nia Long.  She has a way of defining chocolatey goodness in a way that renders the Passions speechless.  Flawless even while preggers. Simply flawless.  That skin…..

Kelly Rowland @ her record release party in New York on top of the Standard Hotel.

Love her stylist.  That dress is so FLY even I could rock it 😉

It was a DC reunion with both Bey and Michelle coming out to support their girl.

The Passions has gotta have a little Halle this week in our lives.  Just because.  With the shorts.

Gaby Union covers People Magazine – Congratulations, Beautiful!!!  Because we all know a chocolate cover is a rarity over there.

Here’s Gaby here in New York City last week.  Notice, she isn’t wearing a drop of make-up and she is STILL gorgeous.

How’s about a little Ciara performing in the South of France in St. Tropez in the VIP Room?  Very Nice gig!!!  VERY nice legs.  And shoes.  And legs.

No.  J Lo is NOT chocolate, I know.  But she loves chocolate and she herself is caramel de leche – not to mention she is from the BRONX!!!  Here she is celebrating her 42nd birthday (and her recent divorce) on a yacht in Miami.  Wonder if you-know-who was near by?

I want this woman’s body!!!  (And the scarf and bikini top ensemble is kinda all that too, okay?)


Black History Month: The Best Man Reunion featuring Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Regina Hall, Monica Calhoun & the rest

Is it slippery and wet enough for you out there?  (for me, it’s never slippery and wet enough but we’ll save that for another post 🙂 ).

Because, its Black History Month we are going gang busters with the Black History Beauties.  One of the Passions most FAVORITE all time movies is the Hollywood “Black Pack,” piece, THE BEST MAN which came out in yes, 1999.  Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs were very much holding down the testosterone portion of that ensemble with the realness (for those of you who are into that sort of thing, lol) – Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun and Miss Regina King were doing it for the sisters.  So recently they got together for a BEST MAN reunion with director Malcolm Lee.  Will there be a sequel?  We can only hope, because as we all know, they are not making movies like this (this meaning Love Jones, Boomerang, Love and Basketball, etc.) anymore.  But in the meantime, let’s carry on with the Passions latest tradition of honoring those black women who really bring a level of integrity to Black History that Hollywood is too damn colored blind to recognize.

Front row: Monica Callhoun, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut and Terrence Howard, Back Row: Taye Diggs, Regina Hall, Sanaa Lathan, Harold Perrineau, Melissa DeSousa and Director Malcolm D. Lee.

Sanaa, Nia and Regina.  Girl Power for sure!!  Regina Hall added some real dignity to the college girl/stripper role.

Always loved Terrence’s chops.  In fact, his performance was probably my fav in the entire movie.  Quentin was THAT motherfucker, lol.

Wasn’t Shelby an utter pain in the derriere?  In fact, she had one of the finest derrieres in the movie;)

Does the divine Miss Nia Long EVER take a bad photo???


Friday Fine & Fab @ 40 Club: Nia Long

For an actress in Hollywood NOT to remove her clothing for anything EXCEPT a PETA ad?  Nia Long commands mad respect – because I could not find anything else remotely erotically incriminating!  Doesn’t she look like dessert???  Just bring the whipped cream, cherries, more chocolate syrup……Damn-Damn-DAMN!!! 

This Fine & Fab @ Forty Beauty is a Scorpio (damn right) with Brooklyn roots – which scores high points with my crowd.  She’s appeared in over 40 film and tv productions – I’m sure you remember her in Love Jones, Boyz in the Hood, Soul Food, The Best Man among others.  Never married although romantically linked with a few celebrities, Ms. Nia runs with the Sanaa crowd – so – is there any guilt by association there?  Me hopes so ;).

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