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BET Awards 2012 – Passions Style – PLUS, Ms. Cissy Houston’s tribute to her Beloved Daughter Whitney

Well Hello Beautiful Ones,

Nice to see you :).  Missing you all something terrible!!!  But we’re back and on the case.  Got some images from the 2012 BET Music Awards.  We like to keep track of the Passion lovelies and other Chocolate Hollywood Honeys and here they are for your viewing pleasure.  Interested?  If so?  Enjoy :).


Eva Marcille looking just yummy.  As Always.

Angela Bassett.  Flawless.

(Mrs.) Meagan Goode.  We kind of prefer her with a shorter do, but she is still beyond beautiful.  Like, way beyond.

Ciara.  Who we prefer as a brunette.  But again, still beyond beautiful.

Regina King.  Yes :).  Black Hollywood Glamor and Sophistication.

Monica looking mature and elegant.

Team Taraji :).

Tatyana Ali has grown up right before our eyes.  Into ‘this.’ Wow.

Nicki Minaj.

The Passions has a weakness for Jeanette Jenkins.  A really bad one……

Lala Anthony and Selita Eubanks.  (i like sandwichs…tee-hee).

Kerry!!!  Doesn’t she have that ‘just rolled out of bed after being rocked,’ look going on?  We think so :).

LaToya Luckett and Michelle Williams.

Kim K and Beyonce.  Hey, that rhymes……

Melanie Fiona.

We love Tamia.  She is our favorite underrated singer.  She deserves more shine.

Lola Monroe.

Elle Varner.

Interesting Parents raise interesting Kids – and we mean that in only the best  possible way.  Willow and Jayden Smith.  Adorable.

And – to the BET Whitney Houston Tribute.  They got it RIGHT this time, folks.

Mariah Carey and Miss Cissy.


Mariah Carey tribute to Whitney Houston.

Here’s Ms. Cissy Houston’s tribute to her daughter, Whitney Houston.


Happy New Year: Here’s to 2012

Welcome to 2012,

We’re going to start you off with some of our favorite crushes of 2011 and show you how some of ’em finished in 11.

Kelis and Kelly setting things off in the new Hunger magazine.

Kelis is just fierce to me.  Always loved her style.

Yeeeeessssss, Kelly.

Aisha Tyler is the package.  Brains, Beauty and she can rock a sequin shorts jumper like nobody’s business.  Here she is on the red carpet for the Dragon Tattoo premier.

Jill Marie Jones at a Toys for Tots event.  The Show Girlfriends wasn’t the same without her.  She’s still fine.

Christina Milian hanging in West Holly.

We never tire of extra tight jeans and frilly leather jackets on some people.  Christina is one of those people.

Halle has been MIA for a minute.

Glad she came out of hiding looking incredible as always.  Skin, hair, the understated but tasteful casual gear.  We heart her big time.

My future wife is repping Nutrisystem.  As always, looking like divine deliciousness :).

There is not a ton of love for Keri on the blogosphere, but we here at the Passions will stay crushing on this pretty girl.

The skin people, the skin!

Sentiments are the same for CiCi.  Here she is busting moves in the kitchen making Xmas dinner.  She can cook for the Passions any darn day.  Cute.

Paula P was kicking the end of 11’s ass with all the promo for MI.  And the Passions can’t get enough.  Here she is posing for GQ.

We love when celebs share on Twitter. Here’s Serena looking like the several millions she’s worth.  Can you say H.O.T.?

Tamia tweeted this pic of herself.  She is coming out with a new CD in February.  You best be on it like I will be.  She is at the top of the list of one of the most underrated entertainers.  And she’s gorge.

Gabby tweeted this pic – she’s chilling with some friends.  She is rolling just how the Passions likes to roll – with a bed FULL of WOMEN!!!  We see you, Gabby ;).

Gotta throw in a couple of NYE party pics.

Here’s Nicki Minaj and Fergie at Dick Clark’s rocking eve.  I’ll just take Nicki’s boots, please.

Rih-Rih was hanging @ Diddy’s Ciroc party in Miami.  Good dress choice….(sigh)……And the shoes don’t suck either.

Kim Porter and Nene.

Celebs celebrating the holidays with their families is always a great thing.  Here’s Angela Bassett and her’s in front of the marquee of her awesome new play “Mountaintop.”  Beautiful black people!

Alicia and her fam at a Knicks game showing both her husband and her son that she can rock sneaks better than they can :).

Tracee Ellis Ross and her siblings in Aspen.  BTW, a small forest was killed to create Tracee’s fit.

Melody Hobson and her billionaire and family spending their holiday in where else?  St. Barts.  Star Wars forever!

And our favorite family, the FIRST Family.

Looking forward to a FABULOUS 2012 Passions People!!!


The Passions Hump Day Girl Crush Edition: Who would YOU Hump?

Hey Babies,

Feeling those mid-week blahs?  Need a visual lift?  Well, I’ve got a little anecdote for you.  Here are some random pics of sexiness to sweeten your Wednesday. Who of this selection is hump worthy if you had to choose one.  Don’t be shy.  Let us know.  I won’t be mad if you kept it to yourself.  But do let your eyes and imagination take a little visual vacation for a moment.


First up: We have a new addition to the Passions Girl Crush List – Sultry Songstress Miss TAMIA  (sigh).  Talk about underrated, the woman can sing her lovely cakes off AND she’s fione.  Why doesn’t she get any shine compared to far lesser talents and far lesser beauties?  I don’t get it.  It’s just not fair.  Anyway, here are some recent  twit pics of her.  Tamia is beyond pleasing to the senses, isn’t she?  I encourage you to follow her on Twitter and play some of her music today.  Just because ;).  Her voice will put you in some kind of mood.

Next?  Here’s Gaby and some of her “girls,” at an event in Vegas.  The Passions hasn’t posted pics of Gabrielle Union in a while.  Always nice to see her and even better when she’s accompanied by a gorgeous entourage.  Don’t cha just love a chocolate girl in a yellow bikini????  😉  Gaby always makes my mouth water.

Have you heard that Lisa Raye has a new reality show coming out?  Here are some recent pics of her doing some promos.   She’s aging nicely, but sorry folks, no skin pics of LR today.  :(.  But, you can always reminisce of Passions posts of yesteryear.  Okay, just click below if you really feel cheated.

The Passions HOT posting of Lisa Raye last year – Just in case you are fiending for a little Lisa skin.

Speaking of reality shows, Toni Braxton has one coming up too featuring her and her sisters.  Despite recent challenges, Toni is still one beautiful lady and the Passions always wishes her love.  That body never quits, Toni.  Seriously.

Up next – Miss Meagan Good is on the cover of Men’s Health.  And the Passions is here to tell you, she’s not only good for Men’s Health but she is simply magical to Women’s Health too, for real!  Can I get a witness?

Eva Marcille’s here doing a little shopping and doing something that she is all too familiar with – sucking on a cherry pop.  (If I were a cherry lollipop……)

And last but not least – is Amber Rose and her twisted nips.  Just in case you missed it, Miss Honey has recently had her nips divinely penetrated with a lovely set of bar bells.  Do you love em, like em or just want to do naughty things to them 😉 ???  My imagination is all over that.  Frankly, the Passions prefers a well placed piercing to a tattoo any day.  Don’t you?

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