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BET Awards 2012 – Passions Style – PLUS, Ms. Cissy Houston’s tribute to her Beloved Daughter Whitney

Well Hello Beautiful Ones,

Nice to see you :).  Missing you all something terrible!!!  But we’re back and on the case.  Got some images from the 2012 BET Music Awards.  We like to keep track of the Passion lovelies and other Chocolate Hollywood Honeys and here they are for your viewing pleasure.  Interested?  If so?  Enjoy :).


Eva Marcille looking just yummy.  As Always.

Angela Bassett.  Flawless.

(Mrs.) Meagan Goode.  We kind of prefer her with a shorter do, but she is still beyond beautiful.  Like, way beyond.

Ciara.  Who we prefer as a brunette.  But again, still beyond beautiful.

Regina King.  Yes :).  Black Hollywood Glamor and Sophistication.

Monica looking mature and elegant.

Team Taraji :).

Tatyana Ali has grown up right before our eyes.  Into ‘this.’ Wow.

Nicki Minaj.

The Passions has a weakness for Jeanette Jenkins.  A really bad one……

Lala Anthony and Selita Eubanks.  (i like sandwichs…tee-hee).

Kerry!!!  Doesn’t she have that ‘just rolled out of bed after being rocked,’ look going on?  We think so :).

LaToya Luckett and Michelle Williams.

Kim K and Beyonce.  Hey, that rhymes……

Melanie Fiona.

We love Tamia.  She is our favorite underrated singer.  She deserves more shine.

Lola Monroe.

Elle Varner.

Interesting Parents raise interesting Kids – and we mean that in only the best  possible way.  Willow and Jayden Smith.  Adorable.

And – to the BET Whitney Houston Tribute.  They got it RIGHT this time, folks.

Mariah Carey and Miss Cissy.


Mariah Carey tribute to Whitney Houston.

Here’s Ms. Cissy Houston’s tribute to her daughter, Whitney Houston.


Robyn Crawford on Whitney Houston

I’m sure many of you, like the Passions, are still filled with restless emotion and a profound sadness over Whitney’s passing.  One person that crossed my mind immediately when I heard the news, was Robyn Crawford. Esquire featured her sentiments in a moving, loving, very tender obit.

Robyn Crawford on Whitney in ESQUIRE.

Finding photos of Robyn Crawford and Whitney together is next to impossible but I managed to dig a few up.

More recent pics of Robyn and a friend.

And The Daily Beast has a rather raw portrayal of Whitney and her relationship with Robin.  I cannot begin to imagine the amount of grief Robyn must be feeling.  The Passions holds her in our prayers.  We ALL should, because losing someone whom you’ve had such a profound and deep connection with is beyond difficult to conceive.

THE DAILY BEAST: Whitney Houston:  Anatomy of  a Lesbian Rumor.

And yet, here’s another interesting look into Whitney’s and Robyn’s relationship.  The Passions is hopeful, just like many of you, that the history/herstory of their life together, no matter how complicated, will not be erased.

Article in The Daily Mail.


And below are a few more photos of our Angel, Miss Whitney Houston.  Nippy – We hope you find all the peace you deserve and more up in Heaven.


Whitney Houston: RIP 1963 – 2012

Coming here with a very heavy heart right now.

I’m just about speechless tonight, Passion-nistas.  A remarkable woman with a voice of an angel has left the building.

Whitney Houston meant so much to me – because I came “out” around the time of her very first album.

I played this album over and over and over again.  I remember listening to hidden meanings in “You Give Good Love,” and “Saving All My Love for You.”  I played her so much that my boyfriend at the time (yes, boyfriend) would hide the album from me.  I swear for God I bought it THREE times because I couldn’t find it.  He admitted to taking them later.  He must have known.  And, frankly, deep inside my heart I believed when I heard her sing these lyrics:

Never stopping, I was Always searching

For that  perfect Love

the kind


I KNEW she was talking about me.  I was convinced of this.  Whitney and me had something very special in common – and it wasn’t singing.

Whitney Houston, RIP.

Here’s Whitney doing the Star Spangled Banner like NO ONE ELSE CAN and probably never will – in 91.

Her very last performance.  So so very sad.


The Passion’s End-of-Week Round Up with Kerry, Sanaa, Ashanti, WHITNEY and more!!!

My Passion Lovers,

I hope you’re not over the Mega-posts because I’ve kinda fallen in love with them.  I figure it’s much nicer to overwhelm you with chocolatey shades of beauty instead of spacing it all out in mini-posts.

I have to start things off with Kerry again.  Kerry Washington is ‘up there’ on the Passion favorite list.  And this list is not as long as you think.  Also because she is one of those rare celebrities I happened to have met in person and trust me not only is she better in person, but yes, this one talks the talk AND walks the walk – if you know what I mean.  Lady is NO slouch.  Anyway, when I ran across this shot of her in the current issue of Details, honey, the tingly sensation that vibrated through me resonated longer than it should.  Now tell me this photo ain’t move you just a lil bit?  🙂

Gott-damn, Kerry……

Next, another Passion fav, Sanaa Lathan at a Golden Globe party.  Just an amazing beauty.

Have you heard Miss Thing is repping for Pantene?

Talk about a ‘good look.’

Have you noticed Ashanti putting an appearance here and there on the Passions, lately?  There must be a reason for it, hmmm?  Here she is at Jay-Z’s 40-40 club opening.  I shall remain speechless on that ‘buzz’ mostly because we don’t care.  But don’t she look good?  Honey is wearing that dress.

Guess what?  Going to a Knick game is in fashion!!!  Here’s Lala and CiCi showing us all why ;)!

Ciara, I really need those boots in my life.  I’ll take the bag, too.  Wait, how bout you get in the bag and I take the entire package :).  Just joking.

Who else was at the game?  Why Jessica White and her girl pal, Irina Shayk.

Boots for Days!  YAY!

Speaking of boots – here’s Amber Rose in the N.Y.C. rocking her battle gear.  Yep, she’s allegedly got a single soon to be released.  Hmmm.

Sometimes when we see Amber we’re trying to figure out whether we want to receive a hickey from her or just give her one.

For those interested on the ID on the boot, Alexander McQueen.  I need those 2.

Here’s a twit pic of Amber and Monica.  Sweet.

Now over to the west coast – Here’s Mary J on her way to a dinner double date with her hubby along with Tamar Braxton and her spouse.

See, mixing business and pleasure can be clean in Hollyhood folks.

Meagan Good at LAX.

The Passions always had a soft spot for baby-girl.  (the SKIN>>>)  She was hawt in “Jumping the Broom.”  Go check that if you haven’t already.

And the Passion’s other baby girl, Rihanna, vacationing in Hawaii.  Must be nice, wild-child.

Moving even farther West, is Serena practicing in Melbourne.  Yay!

No matter what they say, the Williams Sisters STILL run World Tennis.  They are the one’s to beat and they own the crowns to snatch.  Period.  The End.

And last but far from least, here are some pics of Whitney on the set of “Sparkle.”  Just, Wow!!!  The Passions can’t WAIT for this flick to be released!!!  We gotta support this effort!!!


Holiday CHEERLeaders: Random Beauties Passions Style

Good Morning Beauties,

Hope you All are holding up well during this Holiday Season.

Since I have not been posting consistently, I figured today would be a good day to catch you up on what some of the Passions favorite hotties have been doing this time of year.  Let’s call them the Passions Holiday CHEER Leaders!!! Enjoy :).


CiCi stays promoting her new CD.  Wonder if it sounds as good as she looks?

In TV Royalty All Grown-Up News:

Rudy Huxtable aka Keisha Knight Pulliam hanging in Hollyhood with friends (LaToya Luckett and Bud).  LOVE the girl’s shoe game.

Olivia, aka Raven Simone looking like the multiple millions she is reportedly worth:

In Hot Baby Momma News – or – Momma’s that make Motherhood look DAMN SEXY!!!!

Halle hangs with baby Nahla on the beach (again, lol).  @ Halle…..sigh……..

New and overdue to the Passions – Salma Hayek (and daughter Valentina).  You better ROCK that Fedora Ms. Salma.

Here’s Whitney doing her Holiday Gospel Thing.  She looks really good.

And haven’t seen Ms. Sanaa in a hot minute:

And back to the HOTNESS:

JJ looking fiercely sharp as always.  (Swooning @ Janet’s boots).

And yes, I had to feature her today, just cuz, she fits the Holiday Cheerleader bill.

Yes – it’s Beyonce – doing the Tom Ford show working the runway like only B can do it.


Keep A Child Alive Black Ball w/Whitney, A-Keys and SADE!!!

Good Morning Lovelies,

If you were anywhere near the Hammerstein Ballroom here in NYC last nite, you may have witnessed the magical aura of some of Hollyweird’s heavy hitters coming together for the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball.  And you know all the Passions cares about are the gorgeous femme fatales present.

Whitney?  I will always love you, even when you’re mildly intoxicated………..

Alicia still in breeder mode.

YES!!!!  SADE, the beautiful genius.  THIS is no ordinary Love 🙂


BET Honors

The highlight was the fact that BET honored Miss Whitney Houston.  Let’s be thankful we still have her here with us – proving that great things are possible – even as we wrestle with our inner demons.  I’ve got lot’s of respect for Nippy but you gotta wonder – is this what the closet can do to you???  Just asking.

HOWEVER, who was giving off the heat?  I’m going for the chocolately, sensuousness of Gabrielle Union.  I’ve had a weakness for her for a while that just won’t let go.  Don’t listen to ’em.  GIVE IT, GABBY!

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