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Friday Finest: Stacy Dash KILLING it @ 44.

Greetings Beauties,

The weekend is upon us.  Isn’t it delicious?  And as we luxuriate with the notion of having a few days off for rest and relaxation I just wanted to touch on one of my favorite topics – Keeping it gorgeous as we age. 

Now I’m not going to lie, I realize the significance of good genes – that fact one cannot deny, but as many of us either approach middle-age, are in the thick of it, or even if you’re staring at it rather smugly, I just wanted to remind you of what 44 looks like.  Stacy Dash is just incredible in this recent photo shoot.  And trust, you too, can be fit, gorgeous and timely with positive thoughts, the right diet and exercise and LOT’s of SEX.  So I’m saying this with Love – Passion Followers, if those things are the recipe to Stacy’s Fountain of Youth, I say let’s all bathe in it.  If not, bathe in the beauty that is Stacy. 

Nice weekend, Beauties 🙂


Thirsty Thursday: Keri Hilson….Another Bi-Citing

The Passions must be off her game.  I had no idea the rumor mill was churning on Grammy nominated, Atlanta-based artist Keri Hilson and her alleged bi-sexuality.  Listen, I know these young artists of today are nipping at the heels of Madonna and Janet Jackson claiming the “i like girls” title to sell records.  Can you say tired publicity stunting??  But some are a little more convincing than others – and when I discovered the whispers about Keri were a little louder than others, I was a little remiss.  If you remember, I did a posting on her ass, literally, awhile back – not even touching the orientation thang.  I guess my gaydar was up and running better than I expected.

Passions Keri Hilson Posting

Chicks were pointing to her vid “Turning Me On,” released sometime last year where Hilson was not only “dragging” but I understand that allegedly a lot of her lyrics (which she actually writes herself as Hilson’s claim to fame has been writing tracks for Britney Spears, Ciara, Usher and Luda) are directed at girl-on-girl loving – not like many folks are really listening.  Who knew???  Anyways, check out the vid for “Turning Me On.”  Is it convincing?

Also, there has been stuff flying around the blogosphere that fems (like NBA ex-wives) have been hollering at Keri, openly flirting with her on Twitter, etc.  I’m not mad at them or at her.  Miss Honey is the business.  Songwriters do okay in Hollyweird.  And when you look like Keri Hilson, life definitely must not suck on the dating front.


Happy Hump Day: Rocking Rosa Acosta

Hello My Delicious Darlings,

Have I got a Hump-Day Beauty for you!

Yes-Yes-Yes I’ve got a thing for Miss Rosa Acosta, I know, I know.  But, like, why not???  Look @ Ms. Thing!  Go on, feast them, got-damn-it!  These are some of her latest shots and I promise you’ll be feeling them because I was doing much more than feeling them when I laid my eyes on them.

Yo Rosa, holler at your girl, because YOU will always be the Passions Hump-a-licious Dream Girl.  🙂


Titillating Tuesday: Jessica Rabbit

Hello There Honeys,

You know what it is, Tata-Tuesday and as soon as I saw Miss Jessica Rabbit, I knew, I just knew she would be purrfect.

I have just one word for her: scrumptious………..


Monday Music Muse: New Nicki Minaj video: Your Love

Good Morning Beautiful Ones,

I hope your weekend was hotter than expected – because you know what the Passions says, “if you can’t stand the heat…….”   Anyway, getting back into the ‘swing’ of things, since today is Monday, I wanted to do something music related.  So I’ve posted Nicki Minaj’s latest vid, “Your Love,” featuring her and actor Michael Jai White.  The real reason for the posting is because I think she looks great – there’s really nothing more to it.  There is no same-sex innuendo unfortunately although there is a girl-on-girl duel towards the end where personally I would have much rather have seen Nicki fight for the girl than the guy but oh well, that’s show biz.  I do like the Annie Lenox sample.

Stay tuned, the Passions promises to ‘top’ this posting this week.  😉



Crush of the Weekend: Paula Patton – Femmed Up and Dragged Down

Ok.  So the Passions figured she’d set the weekend off with a little fire.

Now I have a nice little list of girl crushes.  And Miss Paula is high on the charts.  It’s not only because she is over-the-top beautiful but it’s mainly because of all the whispers about her, let’s just call them ‘proclivities’ for those of the same-sex.  Yes, I’m guilty of a good “she likes girls,” rumor, true or not.  I have posted subject matter about this in the past, particularly about her and Sanaa and later about Latifah allegedly chasing after her.  Honestly?  It doesn’t really matter to me, whatever her orientation, Patton is a magnificently gorgeous woman.

As you also may know, the Passions LOVES to see her favorite crushes in drag.  And wouldn’t you know I’ve located some of Miss Patton.  Are you ready to swoon?

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first one.  And the second one made me wanna get into that fly – if you know what I mean.  Yup, Paula Patton is swagga-licious.  (Giving myself AND those photos the side-eye).  Now although Paula is giving full fledged swagger-drag here, I think I like her best when she is giving ALL WOMAN.  But, I’d take her anyway she cums.  🙂

Don’t you agree?

Born to a white mother who is a teacher and black father who is a lawyer, Patton came under fire earlier this year with her quote in Women’s Health about being bisexual, oops, I mean biracial.

“I find it offensive. It’s a way for people to separate themselves from African-Americans…a way of saying ‘I’m better than that.’ I’m black because that’s the way the world sees me. People aren’t calling Barack Obama biracial. Most people think there’s a black president.”

I say let her be whatever she wants to be – just as long as it looks amazing, (sigh).  Anyway, she’s married to blue-eyed soul singer Robin Thicke and just this Spring she gave birth to their son, Julian Fuego.

A little background: Patton went to UC Berkeley before transferring to USC Film School.  Her film credits include “Hitch” with Will Smith and Eva Mendes (suspects), “Idlewild” with Outkast members, “Deja Vu,” with Denzel Washington and of course, “Precious,” where she played a lesbian school teacher.  She is allegedly slated to play the lead in “Jumping the Broom,” a TD Jakes production and she will join the cast of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit this Fall as the new full-time assistant district attorney.  Trust, the Passions will be tuning in to NBC this Fall.  Act like you know and tune in too.

Below are a few more shots of Patton just to get you all perky and ready for the weekend.


Thirsty Thursday: Is Kanye smashing THIS???

Meet Shay, a woman with many talents I understand who reigns from the U.K. and Kanye is reportedly hitting it.  With all the gay rumors swirling around Ye, it makes me wonder if he’s really a dyed in the wood, oops, wool lesbian…..not.  At any rate, while in London, I swear I didn’t see any coppertone hotties running around looking like Shay – not even close.  Yo Amber – you need to be hollering at THIS.

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