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Thirsty Thursday Action: Riding out the New Year with a BIG BANG: Miss Amber Rose

Well Hello There, Beautiful Ones!

It’s touching to see you here today as we near the finish of 2010.  I wanted to close out the year with a little something special.  Now you know the Passions has vices, everything from her girl crushes to lavish gossip (substantiated or just the rabid unconfirmed hearsay type).  And in my movements around the cyber-sphere – I ran across some tasty tidbits on one of my favorite sites about one of my favorite, nasty little girl crushes that will make your mind numb with vapid, random, erotic amusement.  Now I’ve decided for good reason NOT to post the actual “gossip,” because I trust that all of you have a really good imagination.  However, I do have some PHOTOS here that will help you fill-in-the blanks, so to speak of what the gist of “it” might be – not to mention the little seeds that I drop here and there in this posting (blatant or thinly veiled, lol).  Some of the photos you probably have seen before in your cyber travels but trust, some of these I’ve got for you will probably be brand new to your little virgin eyes, so, enjoy them.  And yes, there is SO much more than these pics and my commentary can express from the dirt that I’ve been exposed to – but I prefer to let the pics tell some of the story.  They are FULL of information.

So in this combo girl crush gossip moment, the Passions is gonna ride out the New Year with who?  Ms. Amber Rose.  I see you, Amber.  You can wear the @#$%^ out of a 15 minute segment  ;).  And for that, we here at the Passions heart you big time – cuz you are the epitome of the Nastiest girl in Hollyweird right now.  It’s hard work – but somebody’s gotta do it.

Presenting – the life of a real STAR FUCKER.  Take good notes.

Let’s call these – The Early Days:

Yes, the person Amber is sucking face with does have a double x chromosome – translation: she’s a bulldagger.

A ‘star’ is born.

The buzz makes her look like a straight up dude.  And it works.

Henny and Heauxs.

The writing’s on the wall.

If you know how the Passions really gets down, you’ll know why she really likes this pic 😉


Okay.  So here’s when things get REALLY tasty…..sigh….Rihanna, we know that YOU know what’s REALLY good 🙂

Come on, Y’all – don’t front.  With that Henny in Ye’s hand you know ish is about to jump.

They don’t call her Nicki Minaj for nothing……We know who rocked THAT show.  Seriously.

OMG – Not one but TWO of my girl crushes???  Can I get in the middle of that panini (minus the man meat of course)?  Ye was one lucky dude THAT night….(yes, please notice the pair of soft, female hands on Ye’s lap action, smdh – why can’t that be MOI????).  Cici – we see you in a very ‘different’ light now, VERY different ;).

You can’t TELL me something did not go down with these four that night.  (Check out Amber’s face – Yep – she bout to get BIZZY running thangs.  She better WERK!!!!)

And for the Star of this Damn Freak Show:  When a picture speaks a thousand words – NO ONE needs a translation.  Yo, is Madge FUCKED UP or what?


Happy New Year Sexy Ones.  See you in 11.


The Passions


Holiday CHEERLeaders: Random Beauties Passions Style

Good Morning Beauties,

Hope you All are holding up well during this Holiday Season.

Since I have not been posting consistently, I figured today would be a good day to catch you up on what some of the Passions favorite hotties have been doing this time of year.  Let’s call them the Passions Holiday CHEER Leaders!!! Enjoy :).


CiCi stays promoting her new CD.  Wonder if it sounds as good as she looks?

In TV Royalty All Grown-Up News:

Rudy Huxtable aka Keisha Knight Pulliam hanging in Hollyhood with friends (LaToya Luckett and Bud).  LOVE the girl’s shoe game.

Olivia, aka Raven Simone looking like the multiple millions she is reportedly worth:

In Hot Baby Momma News – or – Momma’s that make Motherhood look DAMN SEXY!!!!

Halle hangs with baby Nahla on the beach (again, lol).  @ Halle…..sigh……..

New and overdue to the Passions – Salma Hayek (and daughter Valentina).  You better ROCK that Fedora Ms. Salma.

Here’s Whitney doing her Holiday Gospel Thing.  She looks really good.

And haven’t seen Ms. Sanaa in a hot minute:

And back to the HOTNESS:

JJ looking fiercely sharp as always.  (Swooning @ Janet’s boots).

And yes, I had to feature her today, just cuz, she fits the Holiday Cheerleader bill.

Yes – it’s Beyonce – doing the Tom Ford show working the runway like only B can do it.


It’s Ms. Keri, Baby: Keri Hilson rocks Pretty Girls and her “The Way You Love Me,” vid.

Hey Honeys,

As you may (or may not) know, Keri Hilson has been making the rounds pushing her latest CD, “Pretty Girls Rock,” which isn’t due out til December 21st.

Keri is one of the Passions hot girl crushes – so I was stoked when Complex did this sexy shoot.  This pretty girl always rocks.  Wouldn’t kick her pretty butt out of my bed, no how, no way.

Also, I’ve posted Keri’s controversial video “The way you @#$% me.”  Don’t know if you’ve heard all the talk about it. And to be honest, The Passions was actually surprised at how raw Ms. Keri got…..I mean….she got dirty.  In fact, after witnessing this vid for yourself, drop me a comment letting me know what you think of it.  Was it hot?  Too hot?  Is she trying too damn hard (as if going hard is a bad thing, tee-hee)?  Or is it just right?

And – the NASTY video:


Tarji Henson Warms Things Up.

Anybody Thirsty this Thursday?

The Passions has a thing for black actresses.   They don’t get nearly as much shine as they deserve and that’s a damn shame.  Tarji Henson is one such actress who is hugely talented as well as hugely underrated.  We don’t get to see enough of her.  Well Complex decided to do something about that in this sexy shoot.  Tarji, we didn’t know.  We really didn’t know……..(sigh).


Miss Halle “Flawless” Berry

Good Morning My Little Sexy Icicles!!!

Always a Hump Day Beauty, just to warm your little hearts and other body parts, here are some pics of Halle Berry arriving at Good Morning America the other day.  From head to toe, she is the closest thing to sheer Hollywood perfection.  Sigh…….


VH1 Divas Salute the Troops – Keri Hilson, Katy Perry & Others

Buenos Besos,

The Passions is all for saluting the troops – but – the use of the term Diva should be used sparingly in my opinion. VH1 went beyond reaching this time and we should no longer trust their judgment on such matters.  Seriously.

Anyway, we love the pretties .  And of the “divas,” I decided to post the two who looked the most delicious.  Enjoy!

Nicki repped as well as Kathy Griffin, but for a very good reason the Passions decided not to post photos of their performances because I wanted to keep this posting as visually stimulating as possible!  Trust me on this one.  Here’s a group shot.  (p.s…..any idea of who those other folks are????)


Rihanna spread/s for GQ Magazine

Well Good Morning Darlings,

To jump-start this week properly – here’s Rihana’s RED HOT photo shoot for UK GQ.  And I’ve got one word for the spread – but the PC version is simply:  YUM.  I have my favorites of the collection – and if you can guess which ones they are – you win the prize for being just as kinky as the Passions :).

Have a fab week, sweeties.  Come back and see me.

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