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2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Extravaganza: The Colored Girls Edition

It’s a Thirsty Thursday Darlings.  And the Passions had to post some photos from the VS Fashion Show last nite just to keep us currentALL of the ladies of the rainbow were looking magnificent – but alas, my focus is by and for and of the Ladies of Color.  Not to throw shade on the Adriana Lima’s and Giselle Bundchen’s of that beauty factory that is Brazil, but this year, VS went deeper with the shades and I am loving the choices (although medium and dark chocolates were obviously lacking….dig a little deeper next time VS!?  We come in quite enough versions to keep us all interesting/interested.)

Enjoy!  🙂

The Passions personal Fav – Selita Eubanks.

Of course, Chanel Iman.  She’s a tad slender for the Passion’s taste. Maybe try eating more fish sandwiches, Chanel.  They are good for you.  Trust me.

Lais Riberio.  Yes.  Latina power was in the House – in nice, deep shades.  Sigh……..

And have you seen Emanuela DePaula.  Ay……………………………

Gracie Carvalho.  Viva Brazil!!!


No Boys Allowed: Keri Hilson’s New Album Art

More Hump Day Madness….

Okay so the title alone caught my attention.

So, y’all know how the Passions feels about Miss Keri.  Innuendo has been flying around for a while about her – she must be lovin’ it.  And this cover is saying a whole helluva lot  (just stare, closely, at her eyes, at her lips and her strategically placed fingers against those lips, at those damn leather gloves [finger fuck anyone?] at the PUSSY cat print nail art, at the PINK lipstick….damn, Keri – I think I’m really FEELING you) {doesn’t she make u wanna touch yourself?  go head – you know you want to}.  Wanna lay your eyes on her?  She is slated to be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade this year and on December 5 she’ll be on VH1 Divas.  Her latest single, “Pretty Girl Rock,” is available as a free download this week on iTunes.   And the CD comes out December 21st.  Cop it, K?  Just for the Passions.  And Keri.  😉


Alicia Keys does Vogue Italia: Perfect for Hump Day

The Passions Favorite Breeder and Girl Toy Alicia Keys was feeling her fem side in this beautiful spread in Italian Vogue.  She is indeed looking very tasty and slightly better than fabulous. Get em, Girl 😉


Janet Jackson at the 2010 Women of the Year Gala

Glamour Magazine honored the Passions Favorite Diva, Miss Jackson at their 2010 Women of the Year Gala at Carnegie Hall last night.  Can I say that I absolutely LOVE her new look, her fabulous short do and her extremely elegant wardrobe choices.  Janet, the Passions will never stop loving you!!!  (& BTW, can I drink champagne out of your shoes, Dunk????  DAMN.)

And here’s the vid of her Acceptance Speech.  Just…FLAWLESS.


For Colored Girls: OPENING WEEKEND

Well Hello All you Cutie-pies!!!

I’m sorry the Passions has been away for a while.  Birthday celebrations can be a commitment – if you know what I mean – and Darlings, I’ve been celebrating quite a bit.  But is there such a thing as too much celebrating, seriously???  I don’t think so.  BTW – in case you didn’t know….SCORPIOS ROCK!!!!  Holler!  🙂

One of my birthday blessings was to attend the red carpet premiere of Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls.” And if you’re a fan of the Passions, you know that I’ve been stanning for the film for a minute now, mainly because I stan for Janet Jackson and because I do love me some Kerry Washington and Thandie Newton.  And for real, when you are talking about pure acting skills we’re talking Kimberly Elise, Anika Noni Rose, Loretta Devine AND Phylicia Rashad. Regardless of how you feel about Tyler Perry or the film, it was a momentous occasion with a cast of a lifetime.  Below are some of my personal pics of that evening (the 1st three).  And don’t laugh at the Passions photography skills – because a girl does try!  LOL!!

(didn’t Dunk look right @ me????  Right into my camera lens???  quadruple sigh….)

My darlings that accompanied me agreed that on that theater stage in front of us that night was a dizzying, dazzling, amazing, explosive, optically orgasmic cast full of extremely talented Black Hollywood heat.  It was beyond intense, all the raw, organic beauty, not to mention the sublime sexual energy (yeah I said it).  I was wondering whether or not it was me and my sexy wet dream filled imagination, or was it real that Kerry and Thandie could not keep their hands off each other.  Of course, it was MUCH more than my imagination could take.

Chhhiiilllldddd…….What do YOU think????  That is one of the hottest cheek kisses I’ve ever seen.  Made ME moist. In fact, I’m still moist.

Here is a vid of the Premiere Intro.

So yeah, Kerry and Thandie are mucho caliente individually and together.  Check.  And we here at the Passions can all agree that that’s a threesome waiting to happen.  Check.  But for me, the real star of this film is the one, the only, Miss Jackson.  Here she is repping the film at a press conference.  She’s like fine wine (sigh).

My verdict of the film, you ask???

Well, some of you may know that I am not a huge fan of T. Perry’s work.  For personal reasons exclusively – and I can say that but – I can’t hate on a brother’s hustle.  Seriously, I’m not knocking it. I support artistic freedom ALMOST by any means.  For Perry to take on Ntozake Shange’s work was no small feat.  In fact, I don’t know any man in Hollywood that I imagine would do any work by a Black woman any real justice.  Like, why can’t black women tell our own stories? Some reasons?  All kinds of discrimination comes into play including economic discrimination which is why wealthy film makers like Stephen Spielberg (The Color Purple), Lee Daniels (Push/Precious) and now Tyler Perry can put classic works that belong in the black feminist cannon on the big screen with little to no input from black women.  Ok, now the Passions will gently step down from that soap box to give you my review “For Colored Girls.”

What I DO like about Perry is he puts the sisters in our faces on the big screen in a big way.  How in the hell can I fault him for that?  The role call is so impressive we all know if it wasn’t for Tyler Perry, our favorite black actresses would get little to no work.  It’s a miserable truth in Hollywood, like many.  This brother keeps the people working.  Having said that, the performances were nothing short of amazing, considering what was done with the material.  The depth, the stark intensity, the colorful, poetic rhythm and magic of Shange’s genius was obviously hard to translate on-screen.  It just wasn’t there.  But the cinematic “drama” was enough to make you tear up, cringe, and holler at the screen.  And that’s what many of us like in a film and Perry brings it in his usual style only taking it up a notch or two or three.  Stand-out performances?  I don’t care what anyone says but Janet killed it.  Both steely and resolute, her acting chops were beyond splendid.  Thandie?  Like you’ve never seen her.  Killed it.  Phylicia?  Her spiritual touch resonated in a powerful way.  Killed it.  Anika Noni Rose?  Out of all the actresses I felt she channeled the theatrical substance of the piece.  Killed it.  Kimberly Elise? OMG.  I still call her baby Cecile Tyson because this sister does not play when she embodies a character.  You couldn’t feel any other character’s pain more deeply than hers.  She brung it.  Brung it hard and Killed it.  Loretta Devine (she so killed it), Whoopie and the rest of the ensemble (including Kerry) were riding with Tyler and Shange and I’m not mad.  Hell yeah I’m going to beat a dead horse.  Although I throw my support behind the film – I continue to dream and wish that black women can tell our own stories and continue to bring good, solid art to the masses without someone else’s interpretation.  Without us, they couldn’t do it.  Not only because it’s so important.  Because speaking as a black woman, we really shouldn’t accept it, shouldn’t tolerate it any other way.

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