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Titillating Tuesday: Meet Nilanti

Well Good Morning You Lascivious Lovelies!

So I decided to go “global” on this Titillating Tuesday.  Some of you expressed interest in my repping different parts of this glorious mosaic called the Universe of Beauty.  So today, we are venturing into the warm regions of South East Asia with the oh-so-delectable Miss Nilanti.  Feel the rhythm of Bhangra while you imagine (fill in the blank).  🙂


Famous Friday: Halle and her Happy (gorgeous) Fam

We made it to Friday!!

So a Passion Follower made a personal request for MORE HALLE!!!  How can I deny such a request?  So, here she is spending time with daughter (and obvious heir to some lovely genes) Nahla and pretty baby maker Aubrey in the U.K.

 Beauty just EVERYWHERE with this family.  🙂


Serena Williams in Hamptons Magazine

Good Thursday, Ladies!

So.  Do you think female athletes are sexy?  Well I do.  And one of the sexiest ever is tennis great Serena Williams.  Her physique embodies things that, whew…….well, let’s just say she’s nice and muscular where it counts.

Her photo shoot for Hamptons Mag is fabulous.  I don’t think any of us has seen Williams looking this hot.  She doesn’t have to hit another ball as far as I’m concerned.  All she has to do is just stand there and flex with her sensual, chocolaty goodness  🙂


Aaliyah Haughton: Music Muse we Miss You

Nine years ago today we lost an Angel.

Rest in Peace, Aaliyah.

We miss you.


Hump Day Honey: Dollicia Bryant all WET

Well What’s Really Good Darlings?

Just so everybody knows.  The Passions does take requests.  So, if there is anything, anyone in particular that you’d like to see on these pages, by all means, ASK FOR IT!!!  Some of you have already and I have delivered and will continue to.  Because that’s what I like to do here – fulfill some of your sexy cyber dreams.

What a JUICY Wednesday this is.  Actually I really don’t mind the rain.  Especially on Hump Day.  Especially when KING Magazine released its WET issue last month (don’t you just LOVE the name?  Wet?).  So I figured – wet-hump -how apropos!  Why not post photos of Drizzy’s fem connect, the delicious Dollicia Bryant to get our minds on humping and through mid-week?  Besides, one of you Passion Followers asked for her.  And you know how the saying goes – ASK the Passions…..and you Shall Receive.  Enjoy!


Titillating Tuesday: Angela Lola Luv

Good Titillating Morning,

I hope you like bare naked ladies…..NO, not the band, I’m talking about Barely Naked Ladies.  Hot ones.  Beautiful Ones.  Since today is that day, I wanted to post some embellished ta ta’s in some gorgeous and unusual form of fashion.  Bikinis are okay.  Bras are confining.  Angela is wearing some beautiful contraption that really conveys what the Passions feels about Ta ta Tuesday on this particular day.

Please keep your comments to yourselves :D.


Monday Morning Madness: Wanda Sykes (in a dress) and Wife at the Emmy’s

Hello Lovelies!

Sipping on coffee while I cruised the net looking for some tasty tidbits for you elegant, sexy ladies, I came across this photo of Sykes and wife at the Emmy’s.  I’ve never seen Wanda in a dress (didn’t think she was the dress type) and here she is rocking a sequin frock!  Let’s just say, I was a little surprised.  I’m thoroughly pissed that her talk show was canceled and wondered if she is flipping her image around a bit – maybe to garner a few endorsement deals – Covergirl?  Olivia Cruises?  Anyway, I think a sequin tux might have been a cuter look on Wanda.  But I do think she actually looks ok in the dress……I think.  🙂 

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