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Ciara and Kelly Rowland: Down-low Suspects or Just Guilty by Association?

Good Morning my Delicate Delicious Darlings,

So, a couple of the Passion’s crushes have been “accused” (and yes, accusations sound so terribly criminal) of outwardly dating other women.  Now of course the Passions positively loves the possibilities of these so-called accusations being true. However, in this day and age, why isn’t it okay for women, regardless of their orientation, to just hang-out together without having their social interactions labeled (maybe because it’s hella HOT)?  Below are two examples.

First, Ciara.

A while back, Ciara took in a game with Lala Vasquez’s openly gay cousin Dice.  Were they on a date or just chilling?  I have heard that the two had a little something-something going on for a hot minute.  The Passions has no idea and no real way of verifying. But is it possible?  HELL YEAH! (see a certain Amber Rose post the Passions  made a while back for a different side of Ciara.)

This recent pic shows CiCi with choreographer Jamaica.  It was suggested that she might be judged by the company she keeps as Jamaica has a thing for the ladies.  The Passions can’t say for sure but we certainly wouldn’t mind Ciara playing on #teamgirls for real!!!  The evidence mounts and all we can say, Ciara, is do you, girl. Do YOU!

Next, we’re going in a little deeper into this pool of gorgeous celebrity-fabulousness.  These two kept gossip sites whispering about their public showing at the VMA’s.  The Goddess and fitness guru Jeannette Jenkins with one of the Passions favs, Miss Kelly Rowland.  The commentary is a little wack though one can’t help but over examine their closeness.

Jeannette (swagger) tweeted this beautiful pic of the two at the show.  Platonic or something deeper? Whatever it is, they sure look cute together!

Or could it just be they are business associates?  Jeannette and Kelly joined forces and did a Power Yoga video together.  Trust, I will have one in my possession stat! And darlings, you should too!!!

The Passions’ overall position is this – celebrities should be able to hang-out with lesbians WITHOUT it automatically being assumed that the two are ‘together.’  If these ladies are just hanging, it is an amazingly awesome thing.  If they are together, it is an amazingly awesome thing.  Regardless – it all represents Girl Power, right?  But in the meantime, we can have our fantasies.  But judging from these photos Ladies, what say you?  ;).  Don’t be shy, let us know what you’re thinking, feeling.


Fierce Friday: The Passions Flaunts various Flavors of Chocolate with Jill Marie Jones, Rihanna, Stacey, Kelly and More

Good Morning Dream Boats,

Today we’ll take a random tour through the Passions celebrity world of deliciously chocolaty femininity.


We’ll start the ball rolling with Jill Marie Jones and her latest shoot.  We sure do miss Toni Childs.  The Passions will be the first in line to see that Girlfriends flick.  Whose with me?

Jill had the best lips on tv.  Those lips, Woman, those lips.

Our girl Stacey caught the Adele concert.

I hope VH1 and Single Ladies re-think their decision and ensures that Stacey will be back in action next season.  It won’t be the same without her.

Rihanna was giving it up in Norway.  Think the bruises came from some rough sex?  If so, we hope it was good for you Ri-Ri ;).

Here’s Nicole Scherzinger.  First view here @ The Passions.

She’s really here because the Passions is LOVING her shoes.

Tika Sumpter and Lala Vasquez leaving Nobu.  Don’t you just LOVE a fab sushi date? The Passions does ;).  Tika’s shoes! Tika’s shoes!

Raven is giving real woman since the weight drop.  Again with the shoes, Ladies!!!  Werk, Raven.

But why so serious, Girly?  Love the casual outfit tho.

Kelly rocking Dolce for Grazia Magazine.

Isn’t Kelly the epitome of class, refinement and sophistication without even trying?  Most can’t pull it off like she can.  Can’t touch her (although the Passions would LOVE to 😉 )


Zoe Saldana in GQ/poses for Calvin

Good Morning My Spicy Sexy Ones,

Are you feeling Zoe Saldana?  I can’t wait til Colombiana comes out.  That’s about the only flick The Passions has been excited about all summer.  Nothing like a little cinematic revenge from a hot woman-of-color to shake up Hollywood’s thin (and hugely racist) offerings.

Anyways, while Zoe may not be a Passions “darling” – I think she’s FAB and I wanted to feature her here because I know some of you think she’s the business.  Here she is in GQ 10 and 11.

Is it me or are they deliberately making her cover her nose?  Hmmmmh.

Here are some pics from her Calvin campaign.

Zoe had some big shoes to fill – coming in on the heels of Ms. Eva Mendes and her working relationship with C. Klein.  Who do you think does it better?


The Passions Happy Hump Day Honey is: LISA BONET – New Girl Crush Alert

Good Morning Pussycats,

I’m reaching back in the crates Darlings on this Hump Day.  Back in the day, watching the Cosby Show I didn’t know who made my heart go a flutter more – the more mature Claire Huxtable/Miss Phylicia Rashad (I’m sorry, Mama was HOT) or the much younger Denise/Lisa Bonet.  On this Hump Day we’re going with Lisa.  Because, this chica represents raw sensuality in the most understated, crunchy, orgasmic granola, swaggerlicious way.  Trust me.


Ladies, Can you say, PIMP?

Two Spirits?  Damn, I’ll take ’em both.

OMG, are you feeling a little hypnotized or is it just me?  (fanning myself)


Halle Berry celebrates 45 looking beyond FABULOUS!!!

Good Morning Passion Lovers,

It was brought to my attention by one of my favorite and truly darling Passion Followers, that we here at the Passions missed an important day!   On Sunday August 14th, one of the Passions favorite all-time crushes, Ms. Halle Berry celebrated her 45th birthday!!!  That’s right.  And of course, we have the pictures to prove it.  Take note, we start out nice and sweetly, like vanilla.  But then we round things out going in hot and hard.  So fasten your seat belts, cuz this sexy Leo is about to take us on a very steamy ride during her born day celebration.  Enjoy.  Sigh.


Halle and Nahla!!!  We love them.

Mommy and daughter have a very strong bond.  As it should be.  (But will you look @ Halle’s body?????)

That’s what we TRULY call Ab-Fab.

Love a sexy back!

T & A forever (A=abs).  Like, 45?  Really?  Damn.


How about a nice Rose with that body?  How about sipping a nice Rose off that body?

Okay.  Here’s where things get a little, well, HOT.

Suggestive?  You think? So who is this mysterious, denim clad woman who seems to be taking generous gropes of Ms. Berry?

Apparently, according to a well-known online gossip site, this is Halle’s personal assistant.

And more than just an assistant, it’s suggested its her sometime lover too as we can totally see that from these photos.  Somebody doesn’t mind getting all wet!!!


Stacey Dash FIRED from Single Ladies? True or False?

Good Morning Passion Lovers,

So all research indicates that unless something magical happens between now and Season 2 of Single Ladies, we will not get to see Bronx-born Stacey Dash, the ONLY reason to watch this show in the first place, re-join the cast as the vivaciously beautiful but alluringly sensitive boutique owner Val.  So Yes, the rumors are true, homegirl has been fired.  According to In Touch, The Queen made the decision to fire Stacey personally, citing the actress’ inability to get along with fellow castmates and crew.  (Are you clutching the pearls?  Because I know I am.  Obviously some stuff was going DOWN on that set.)  It has also been stated that casting is in progress to fill Stacey’s Louboutins (we know a next to impossible feat).  This is all quite unbelievable for just the first season, but as I predicted before the series even aired, with all that feminine ego, estrogen, sexiness and insecurities flying through the air among other things we might not even imagine, some major drama was bound to happen.  And often times the prettiest and the most talented (Stacey) is targeted – or possibly the one stirring stuff up.  Apparently Single Ladies and Basketball Wives has proven to be two of the biggest hits on VH1’s roster.  Ever.  With Single Ladies clocking in about 2 million viewers every week.  Black Women=Power on the screen, Darlings – don’t let them tell us any different AND we are far from anybody’s damn Help – but we won’t go there – (sweet baby Jesus please don’t let me go THERE today).

The big question is, will we be watching Single Ladies next season?  Personally?  The Passions won’t be watching :(.  Sorry.  We’re really big Stacey fans so there’s not a lot of reason to – plus – We know how Lisa Raye gets down.  If any of you remember that sitcom she did with Will and Jada, All of Us, when Lisa’s co-star actress Elise Neal was mysteriously or shall we say unceremoniously dismissed from her thespian duties.  Coincidence?  We think not.  Check out these photos below of a well-tanned Lisa Raye celebrating, I mean, vacationing in Italy while the Stacey firing went down. Take a good look because the ever so loyal Passions might not be posting any more pics of Mz. Raye if she did have anything to do with the Stacey firing.  Hmmph.

She seems really happy doesn’t she?  Apparently Lisa felt it necessary to tweet her innocence from Europe.  As you may have noticed, there is not one drop of compassion or support for her terminated castmate in this tweet below.  You don’t have to have a law degree to figure this one out folks.

And to add fuel to the fire, principal writer and executive producer Stacy Littlejohn backs ‘er up.  Lisa Raye’s a strong woman, eh?  We see that, Miss Littlejohn.  Point noted.

Let’s just celebrate?  These are some shady developments, especially when we know it wasn’t just the writing that was carrying this show and that it definitely wasn’t Lisa Raye’s acting chops that was carrying the show either.  (Google it, the commentary on Lisa’s talent (or lack thereof is legendary.)

Again, my Ladies, what it boils down to – is do you wanna watch this?

OR that  \/


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Models and One Hit Wonders

Good Morning My Foxy Friends,

We’ve got a bunch of Tuesday Temptresses for your viewing pleasure.  The theme today is young cuties having fun – with each other.  That’s the context, the subtext, anything else we’re mentally discarding.  Enjoy.


First are models Jessica White and Irina Shayk.  Freakish how they both look like twins, Ebony and Ivory Twins, right! Can you just imagine watching these two go at it?  Can you imagine joining them?

Next, let’s go to sunny St. Tropez where Cassie, Christina Milian and a VERY cute friend conjure up images of an extremely sexy menage a trois.  PYT’s all day (and night).  Makes my heart palpitate just thinking about it.  Seriously

Deliciousness everywhere……………………..

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